Happy Valley investigators shut down ‘bonkers’ theory about Ryan Cawood



Happy Valley is returning to BBC One for the final episode on Sunday and the plot is being kept well under wraps. Fans have been in a frenzy as they come up with theories as to how Catherine Cawood’s (played by Sarah Lancashire) journey will end. BBC Breakfast guests put one particular theory to bed about Catherine’s grandson Ryan (Rhys Connah).

Fans of the three-season drama were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the Cawood house on Saturday’s edition of BBC Breakfast.

Murray Chalmers was already a fan of Happy Valley when he moved into the Cawood’s family home in Hebden Bridge.

He let cameras into his home so viewers could see how the house is transformed for the BBC drama.

Following this, hosts Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt spoke to Brendan O’Loughlin, Hannah Connolly and Rebecca Shekleton, who run the Shrine podcast.

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The podcast started in 2019 and it was originally called Shrine of Duty, paying homage to Line of Duty.

They didn’t expect people to listen to the podcast but it was hugely popular, and they have now been asked to comment on other shows like Happy Valley.

Brendan explained how the trio would watch the show at the same time as the rest of the country and would come up with a deep analysis of the events as they played out.

He said: “We watch it twice, once as a fan and then we watch it a second time with subtitles, pausing, forensically examining everything.

“And that there is going to be a huge twist. Which would probably ruin the whole premise of the entire show.”

Hannah said: “The whole show is based on that family relationship.”

In the series, Ryan went behind Catherine’s back and started visiting Tommy (James Norton) in prison, leaving Catherine heartbroken when she found out.

While Ryan said the reason behind getting to know his dad was to make up his own mind about him, viewers suggested the 16-year-old isn’t Tommy’s son after all.

Taking to Twitter, Mickey Oldroyd said: “Ok I’m calling it…Neil raped Becky and TLR IS NOT Ryan’s dad #HappyValley”

Sarah said: “My #HappyValley theory, fwiw: TLR is not Ryan’s Dad. Never had DNA confirmation; Catherine has always denied it; Daniel S2 said his sister was a s**g and out of control.

“It’s possible that Becky was pimped out/passed around the addicts by TLR; so Neil might be Ryan’s father.”

Jules added: “The things we think are true aren’t. Ryan isn’t Tommy’s son. There’s more to the backstory of Catherine’s daughter.

“Darius is Ryan’s father. Claire will sacrifice herself to save Catherine and Darius will kill Tommy.”

Happy Valley concludes on BBC One on Sunday at 9pm

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