Lockwood and Co season 2 creator teases dark revelations will be uncovered



Lockwood and Co has yet to be given the green lit for season two, but fans of Joe Cornish’s new Netflix series based on the works by Jonathan Stroud are hoping the supernatural investigations continue. After Lucy Carlyle (played by Ruby Stokes) and her ghost-hunting team put an end to Pamela Joplin’s (Louise Brealey) schemes, viewers were left with a tantalising teaser for what’s to come.

Viewers were just about to discover what lies beyond Anthony Lockwood’s (Cameron Chapman) secret door as the credits rolled on the first season of Lockwood and Co.

Based on the first two books in Stroud’s series, Lucy joins forces with the young ghost-hunter and his researcher friend George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati).

Although the first season scared up impressive reviews from critics and fans, it’s still unconfirmed whether Netflix will give the go ahead to a second season.

However, if the series does continue, Cornish promised Express.co.uk Lockwood’s secret is just as dark as viewers are expecting.

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“In the book, you’re imagining these terrifying things, and in a show, you have to put them on the screen,” he explained.

“The jeopardy becomes very real and very immediate, so I didn’t hold back. I tried to make it as scary as it needed to be, and there was some nervousness from Netflix.

“They said at one point, ‘Is this too scary?’ But we were like, ‘No!’

“I think young people watch all sorts of stuff on streaming services, sometimes they watch things that they shouldn’t.

“Personally, as a kid, there’s nothing I enjoyed more than seeing something that felt a bit risky, that was pushing a little bit further.”

“Plus, the key things to the books is this combination of war, cosiness and emotion, and fear, so the stakes have got to be real, the jeopardy’s got to be real so the relationships and the comfort food of Portland Row can be the perfect tonic for it.”

For now, whether Lockwood is hiding another ghost, a dark family secret or something else entirely will remain a mystery until a second season is released.

Cornish is hopeful at least two more seasons will be made to wrap up the entire saga, so fans should keep their eyes peeled for more updates from Netflix.

Lockwood and Co season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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