Lockwood and Co star recalls ‘challenging’ first week of filming for intense finale scene



In the season finale, George realises his friend Pamela Joplin (played by Louise Brealey) had actually been using him this whole time under the influence of the bone glass.

The small yet powerful mirror could be the key to freeing the dead occultist Edmund Bickerstaff (Brendan Gibson) into the world of the living, and overrun London with ghosts.

Although Pamela had planned to tie up rival ghost-hunter Quill Kipps (Jack Bandeira) to exploit his senses for the supernatural, George takes his place when Kipps realises he’s losing his talent.

Thankfully, Lucy Carlyle (Ruby Stokes) and Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman) arrived just in time, but not before Lucy overhears George’s tearful confession.

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