Lord Sugar fires Joe from The Apprentice after shocking Dubai task



Joe Phillips has been fired from The Apprentice after another disastrous task.

One team decided to offer a camel tour, before heading for a special coffee making and then heading to the Dubai desert for a luxurious meal. They settled on a price of 2100 dirhams, which works out to be around the £480 mark per head.

The other team planned on giving their clients a yacht experience, a DJ masterclass and a luxury dinner too. They settled on a price of 1600 dirhams per person, which left the group a little concerned as they had promised a very special experience.

Project manager Rochelle
Project manager Rochelle ( BBC)

Following their return to the UK from Dubai, Lord Alan Sugar explained to the group that Reece had left the process. He said he was unable to join them in Dubai and thus had exited the process, leaving the other candidates stunned.

Whilst one team managed to get more money from their clients, their luxury experience they promised was far from what they were given and thus found themselves losing the task.

Apex spent 10,279 dirhams, with a profit of over 5000 dirhams. The client wasn't happy with food service and asked for a 20 per cent refund, meaning their total profit ended up being 2521 dirhams, or around £554.

Joe was called into the boardroom too
Joe was called into the boardroom too ( BBC)

Affinity, meanwhile, spent 6,370 dirhams, which left them with a much higher profit. There was a lot of negative feedback from the client and they asked for a 60 per cent refund, giving them a final profit much below the other team.

In the boardroom, Rochelle chose to bring back Joe and Simba - and Lord Sugar warned one of them faced the chop.

It comes after Reece confirmed he had exited the process due to health issues.

Simba also faced the chop
Simba also faced the chop ( BBC)

He said of his surprise exit: "I could not continue in The Apprentice due to being unable to complete the task in Dubai for health reasons. My goal of being on The Apprentice was to showcase that Scotland has amazing businesses and entrepreneurs.

"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time on the show and I’m looking forward to watching my fellow candidates in the rest of the series. I’m so grateful for my time with Lord Sugar and the team."

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