Love Island airs unseen moment that kicked off secret kiss drama in ITV villa



Love Island has aired an unseen moment which Iain Stirling says "kicked off" the drama over the secret kiss.

Tom and Ellie locked lips on the terrace, and they decided to keep their brief tryst a secret. However, Ellie was soon telling her friend Will as she wanted to discuss it with someone without the whole villa knowing.

Armed with the new information, Will went to tell Tanya, Shaq and Jessie about what happened and soon Tanya was telling Zara all about it, who couldn't help but run to tell Olivia about what Tom had got up to with Ellie.

There were some tense scenes on Love Island
There were some tense scenes on Love Island ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

A huge row soon broke out as Olivia rushed downstairs to ask Tom what he had said.

Rushing to the terrace, Zara told Olivia: "I've just been told by Tanya that Ellie and Tom kissed," before Olivia said: "Are you joking?" It was then for Tanya to add: "And guess what? He hasn’t even told the boys."

Olivia refused to hide her anger as she said: "'I want to explore it again' my a***, are you serious?", before she remembered her recent conversation with Tom, adding: "What and he comes and tells me that he ‘sees her as a friend’?"

Tom and Ellie shared a secret kiss
Tom and Ellie shared a secret kiss ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

The ring girl and actress then soon rushed downstairs to chat to Tom, asking him: "Do you have anything you want to tell me?" Things soon turned heated as Olivia fumed at Tom for what he'd done as she told him "you can't have your cake and eat it".

Meanwhile, the other Islanders started to accuse him of playing a game and Shaq later fumed at him for what he had done.

Tom has been keen to get to know Ellie, despite telling Olivia he didn't want to know her. "He's in the dog house tonight," Zara warned as Tom tried to say Ellie came onto him. "You're playing with me," an angry Olivia fumed.

Tom tried to defend his actions
Tom tried to defend his actions ( ITV)

However, now - as part of Love Island's Saturday show, Unseen Bits - narrator Iain Stirling has revealed just what kicked off the drama that happened following Tom and Ellie's, and it went back before they even kissed.

Iain noted that Ellie had sat on the yellow beanbag earlier in the day - which fans and the stars joke is 'cursed' - before she ended up locking lips with Tom on the terrace and the 'feud' between the group began. - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress