Love Island bombshell lifts lid on unaired scenes in showdown over steamy casa antics



Love Island bombshell Layla Al-Momani has lifted the lid on her chat with Jessie Wynter amid the fallout of her and Will Young's snog.

Layla and Will flirted and kissed while Jessie was in Casa Amor with the girls, despite the farmer and fitness instructor saying they could see themselves falling in love, and sharing steamy scenes in the hideaway.

Will then battled with his guilt and broke it off with Layla, deciding to stay coupled with Jessie when it came to decision time.

Layla has now revealed unseen details about her chat with Jessie, after Will admitted the pair grew close, saying quite a bit wasn't shown on the show.

The ITV2 show aired the first full episode from Casa Amor
Layla and Will grew close on Love Island, sharing a smooch ( REX/Shutterstock)

On her Instagram story, Layla was asked if she explained the "whole story" about Will to Jessie.

In a video, the TV star said: "We have to remind ourselves that it is obviously a TV show and they can't fit everything in.

"I don't know why me telling Jessie that Will felt guilty wasn't included. But think about it, it might have been because it was already said by Will at the recoupling."

"I said that he felt guilty, that his head was jumbled," she continued.

Layla told fans that part of her chat with Jessie didn't make it on to the show
Layla told fans that part of her chat with Jessie didn't make it on to the show ( laylaalmomani/Instagram)
Love Island
She said she told Jessie he felt guilty ( laylaalmomani/Instagram)

"I also said that I don't think any of the three of us were in the wrong. And that I wasn't here to come for Will, I didn't think Will was a bad guy."

She went on: "But equally, just because you say you feel guilty doesn't mean that's okay, because it's not okay.

"And also Jessie held him accountable for that."

After Will's confession to Jessie over his Casa antics, he made it his mission to win her back, and they are trying to make it work.

However the pair might be dealt a blow in tomorrow night's episode, as it has been confirmed that movie night is returning tomorrow.

The Love Island staple sees the boys and girls shown what the other got up while they were apart and frequently causes drama.

Love Island confirmed the return of the fan favourite part of the show at the end of Tuesday evening's episode, as voiceover star Iain Stirling said: "Tomorrow night" and a 'Movie Night' sign appeared alongside the familiar trumpets of the 21st Century Fox sound logo.

The exciting reveal came after a dramatic episode, which saw one couple reunite in Tanya and Shaq, but another head for choppy waters.

Jessie Wynter is missing Will Young amid Casa Amor
Jessie Wynter spoke to Layla about her dalliance with Will ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Casey and Claudia were left in a precarious position after a game of Knowing Me, Knowing You, challenged the couples to find out how well they all really know their other halves.

One of the questions the girls were asked was: “Which Islander of the opposite sex would your boy couple up with if he wasn’t with you?”

Claudia guessed Casey would pick Samie, but Casey’s answer didn't match, as he had penned Lana's name on the love heart chalkboard, leaving Claudia confused. - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress