Love Island fans accuse new Islander of 'stirring things' as he makes 'harsh' comment



Love Island fans have accused Martin of stirring things up with Kai and Olivia as he gave his honest verdict on their romance.

Kai and Olivia coupled up in the last few days before the iconic - and deadly - Casa Amor struck and there have been concerns about their romance from both sides. With the girls now in Casa Amor, and away from the original lineup of boys, Olivia is keen to pursue something with one of the new boys and Maxwell has taken her fancy in the villa.

The pair kissed last night, whilst - for the time being, at least - Kai hasn't made too many moves on the other girls, but tonight, he seems to connect with Sanam and sparks fly between the pair.

Martin and Olivia went away for a chat
Martin and Olivia went away for a chat ( ITV)

During a chat, Martin asked Olivia what she really thought of Maxwell following their kiss.

"He’s nice, he’s very attractive. As soon as he came in I thought, 'Ok, he’s a bit of me,'" she said before Martin added: "I don’t know Kai, I have no problems against him, but I feel like you’re not even his number one or number two nor three even…"

Olivia seemed gutted by his words, asking "You think I’m not even his number three?"

Olivia was concerned by Martin's comments
Olivia was concerned by Martin's comments ( ITV)

Martin then chimed in: "Honestly I don’t think so. Even after Tanyel he was with Samie. He coupled up with Samie first, not you," as Olivia looked concerned as she confirmed, "so I’m the fourth choice".

He insisted it was "just his personal opinion" but said he "could be wrong".

However, angry fans have fumed over his comments, insisting he was stirring things with his comment.

Olivia and Kai are coupled up
Olivia and Kai are coupled up ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

"Martin stirring and I’m here for it #loveisland," one wrote, as another added: "Martin said I’m here to do damage, you wasn’t even his third choice #LoveIsland." A third shared: "What’s Martin doing. I’m so here for this chaos lmao #LoveIsland."

Martin's not the only person to have expressed concern about Olivia and Kai. Former Islander Zara said of the pair: "I’ll be really honest with you. I was not expecting Kai and Olivia to be together right now. When I lived in there they didn’t seem to have that kind of chemistry. They were in there from the start and Kai was into Tanyel and Anna-May.

"Liv was obviously into Tom, then it was Aaron, then it was Spencer. Maybe they just kept crossing paths and suddenly they thought 'Oh! You’re the one!' but it seems more like it’s convenient for now. Like who else is left?" - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress