Love Island fans all have exact same complaint as Casa Amor drama begins



Love Island viewers were left unimpressed as there was barely any focus on Casa Amor this evening, despite being hyped at the start of the episode.

Narrator Ian Stirling teased the return of Casa Amor as tonight's episode began, but viewers spent the majority of the time watching the fallout of Tanya saying Shaq reminded her of an ex.

We also saw Kai and Olivia question why the public saw them as less compatible than new bombshell Claudia and Casey, who had only been getting to know each other for two days.

In comparison, Kai and Olivia and have been in the villa since the start and getting to know each other for weeks.

The girls rush to Casa Amor
The girls rush to Casa Amor ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

As the girls were preparing for the evening they received a text, telling them to grab their stuff and head to Casa Amor.

As the girls got to know their new home, as the boys also learnt their beloveds would be away for a few days.

After the new bombshells walked into the different villas, greeting the cast, the credits rolled, meaning we will have to wait until tomorrow to see if anyone will be tempted to stray.

Love Island
The new bombshells arrived this evening, but the episode ended shortly after ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Love Island fans were not impressed by the move, with one person saying on Twitter: "Only watching After Sun this week to hear more about Casa Amor, because we only got 5 minutes of it."

Another unhappy viewer penned: "They gave us 10 seconds of Casa Amor."

A third wrote "So we got 55 minutes of year 7 drama from Tanya and Shaq and 5 minutes Casa…"

A fourth penned: "These producers know how to waste our time Kmt useless #loveisland."

Meanwhile, viewers think Tanya and Shaq might be on the rocks.

Before they patched things up, Shaq shared to Tom that he was still irked by the comparison to her ex.

He said: “When someone that you’re seeing and supposed to be in love with says that little things in you remind them of their ex, that for me is such a huge statement to say.

“I’m not going to go into something with someone that thinks I have negative similarities to an ex.”

Tanya and Shaq talked things through, and Tanya explained she thought he didn't always need to involve himself in situations in the villa, with Shaq saying he will try and be a better man for her.

Viewers think there may be trouble ahead for Shaq and Tanya
Viewers think there may be trouble ahead for Shaq and Tanya ( ITV)

The pair shared a cuddle at the end, but Tanya still wasn't sure whether he had listened to her, saying she had doubts over the relationship.

One viewer wrote: “Yeah Tanya is defo going to move mad in Casa,” as another added: “Mark my words Tanya and Shaq are not lasting after Casa Amor or outside world.”

The argument stemmed from Shaq criticising Ron for not helping out with the washing up following their dinner date, even when asked to. - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress