Love Island fans beg bosses to crown solo winner after dramatic showdown



Love Island fans have begged bosses to crown a solo winner this year after a dramatic showdown tonight.

During tonight's episode, Olivia decided to pull Kai for a chat - but not because she wanted to get back with him, but because she was keen to get him to apologise for branding her "fake". The pair had been partnered together before Casa Amor, but both of them seemed to find a better connection whilst in the second villa.

Olivia ended up choosing Maxwell and bringing him back, whilst Kai also chose to recouple with Sanam. However, she seemed unimpressed with his decision, despite her also picking someone new too.

Olivia called Kai for a chat
Olivia called Kai for a chat ( ITV)

On tonight's episode, Olivia wanted to chat with Kai about what had happened.

"I wanted to pull you for a chat because when I went to Casa things were good, things were really good and I just want to know what made you have these feelings. Thinking I'm not genuine, that I'm fake, I just want to know where that's come from," she said.

He sat opposite her, confused as he said they were both happy with their new partners Maxwell and Sanam.

She asked him to apologise
She asked him to apologise ( ITV)

"But that's not the point I'm getting at, you've said these things and I was really hurt at the fire pit when you called me fake. That's not the person I thought I knew, they're very strong things to say... I do expect an apology for those comments," he said.

Whilst she expected him to apologise, Kai was adamant as he said: "I'm not apologising for anything... that's how I felt at the time."

Fans heaped praise on Kai for refusing to apologise to Olivia and begged for show bosses to crown him as a solo winner.

Kai refused to say sorry
Kai refused to say sorry ( ITV)

"My respect for Kai now he’s refused to apologise to Olivia #loveIsland," one fan wrote, whilst a second added: "I love seeing Kai finally happy, I didn't like him before but seeing him now in his element warms my heart #loveIsland."

A third shared: "Kai just went up 10 points in my books #loveIsland," with a fourth taking to social media, as they added: "

"Kai refusing to apologise to Olivia is the most I’ve liked him in the whole programme #loveIsland," a fifth penned, with a sixth writing on Twitter : "Kai has honestly become my favourite, with this whole Olivia situation.. Don't apologize for shit #loveIsland." - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress