Love Island fans beg for Movie Night as they accuse Ron of lying over Casa Amor



Love Island fans have begged for the return of Movie Night - as they called out Ron for lying over what happened at Casa Amor.

Samie broke down into tears in scenes aired on the ITV2 show this evening, after confronting Tom about kissing Lydia. He insisted it wasn't series but she was devastated by his choice to cheat whilst the girls were in the other villa.

Later on, Ron went to see Samie as he had heard rumours that she was told that he had encouraged Tom to 'cheat' on her and couple up with someone else. He told Samie it was a lie, despite the encouragement he gave to Tom.

Fans want to see Ron exposed for his lies
Fans want to see Ron exposed for his lies ( ITV)

Now fans of the ITV2 show are begging for the return of Movie Night to expose Ron's lies.

"Just remembered Ron encouraging the boys to explore new connections will be shown on movie night #loveIsland," one wrote as another added: "Was ron not the guy telling tom to re couple to stay safe? Lmao hope that comes out on movie night #loveisland." [sic]

A third shared: "I can't wait for movie night so Kai can see Olivia say she forgot his name and Samie can watch Ron encourage Tom to recouple #LoveIsland," with a fourth writing: "i refuse to let the producers mess up movie night. i want liv forgetting kai’s name, ron egging the boys on, olivia being a two faced b****, EVERYTHING #loveisland."

Samie and Tom have been going through some difficult times
Samie and Tom have been going through some difficult times ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Others were puzzled by Ron's lies, as it had all been caught on tape.

"I don’t get why Ron is lying. It’s all on tape. He really be digging his own grave. It’s over for him on movie night #LoveIsland," they penned, whilst another viewer added: "Ron is such a liar I hope they play the clip of him (at movie night) trying to convince tom to couple up with Lydia right before casa ended. Ronnn u lie with such ease #loveisland."

During their conversation, Ron said he was "so so sorry" for Samie before insisting he was "comfortable with how he acted".

Tom kissed Lydia in Casa Amor
Tom kissed Lydia in Casa Amor

"I can hand on heart tell you I did not egg on any of the boys. You know how much I think about you. I said if Tom does recouple, he's a goner. What the boys said is the god honest truth. Anything more from the girls is because they got emotional," he said.

Tom is determined to prove he loves Samie and he read a poem to her and urged her to take him back.

"I’ve come up with something, I’ve never said a poem to a girl in my life but I want to write her a poem. I was going to take her to the fire pit tonight, have a sit down and say that I’m sorry from the heart and tell her exactly how I’m genuinely feeling," he told Will. - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress