Love Island fans believe star has LEFT the villa after 'vanishing' from screens



Love Island fans have claimed that Lynda Flix may have left the villa less than a week after making a grand entrance in Casa Amor.

It comes after the northern star failed to land a date with any of the boys from the main villa having entered alongside a string of females in a bid to turn up the heat.

Lynda appeared to be missing during the most recent episode of the ITV2 dating programme which has sparked uproar amongst viewers as things appeared to intensify, with Islanders cheating on their other halves.

But while Islanders are being tempted by their co-stars and jumping into bed with one another, Lynda was noticeably absent on Tuesday.

Love Island fans believe that one Casa Amor bombshell has left the villa
Love Island fans believe that one Casa Amor bombshell has left the villa ( ITV)

Fans flocked to social media to share their concerns, with one writing: "@LoveIsland can you explain to us where Lynda is pls #loveisland."

"Lynda is never even in shot?! Like she’s not just walking around, making a coffee, sleeping!! Nothing!! Where has she gone?!?! #LoveIsland," asked a second.

Before a third went on to comment: "Lynda has not made an appearance in 2 days #LoveIsland."

Another baffled viewer tweeted "Did Lynda exit the villa? #LoveIsland"

Fans have not seen Lynda in several episodes
Fans have not seen Lynda in several episodes ( ITV)

"Either the producers have cut her scenes or Lynda is here to live her best life with a free holiday, which I rate #LoveIsland," joked a fifth.

But while Lynda may appear to have gone "missing", it appears that she's certainly avoided all the drama which seems to have been intensified with the arrival of Maya Jama being teased.

Casa Amor promised carnage - but nothing quite like this - as the new arrivals set their eyes on different Islanders.

Layla has been cosying up with Will, who now regrets his two kisses with her - but ahead of her villa experience, she was keen to try things with the farmer as well as Ron and Shaq.

Fans have become concerned for Lynda's whereabouts
Fans have become concerned for Lynda's whereabouts ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Asked who she wanted to couple up with, she said: "Ron! He's cheeky and he's like a lad, I really fancy Will, too.

"My type is Louis Theroux and he just gives that vibe, I also fancy Shaq, but he seems to be unavailable!"

Elsewhere, Sammy was keen to make a move on Casey and Tom.

"I've got my eye on Casey, he's my number one, he’s cheeky! His blue eyes remind me of the ocean and I love the ocean; it makes me feel calm and connected.

"That's the way he's probably going to make me feel. I also like the fact that he looks a little bit like Bradley Cooper who is definitely my celebrity crush! And then Tom - for the eye contact!" she shared.

Several of the boys were interested in Samie, but so far, only a couple have managed to bag a kiss including Maxwell with Olivia. - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress