Love Island fans call out Tanya for 'shady' comment as shouty row explodes in villa



Love Island exploded in a villa row this evening as tensions came to a head between Martin Akinola and Tanya Manhenga following the Casa Amor recoupling last week.

Despite Tanya currently being coupled up with Martin after she brought him back from the spin-off villa, the pair have since hit the rocks as Tanya reconciled with Shaq Muhammad.

The South African villa turned heated as a humiliated Martin slammed the biomedical student for making him look like an ‘idiot’, repeatedly calling her a ‘liar’

After Tanya declared her love for Shaq, she told him: "I’m so sorry it took someone else coming in for me to fully realise that I can’t lose you.”

Meanwhile Martin caught up with Olivia and fellow Casa bombshell Maxwell and he admitted: “I look like an idiot in front of everyone. I feel like causing some drama right now though."

The South African villa turned heated
The South African villa turned heated on Tuesday ( ITV)

As Martin then decided to head over to Tanya and Shaq he pulled his former flame for a chat at the fire pit and said: “When I was speaking to you, you never told me you were a liar.

"You’re not sincere, you are a liar, you made me look like I was talking s*** when I pointed out some things to you, what the f***."

Tanya asked if that was all he wanted to get off his chest, to which he again called her a liar, before walking off in a huff.

Tanya followed him, saying: “You've said your piece, but let me tell you something. One thing you're not going to do is call me a liar.

he again called her a liar, before walking off
Martin again called her a liar, before walking off ( ITV)

“You're not going to call me a liar because you're bitter. Don't ever do that, you're a grown man, act your age."

Love Island fans at home were left calling out Tanya after she claimed to have not had the chance to tell Martin that she secretly snogged Shaq in bed the previous night, before letting Martin cook her breakfast.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “You had the opportunity to tell him about the kiss but was busy eating the eggs he made you in the morning - telling him you weren't decided.”

Tanya declared her love for Shaq
Tanya declared her love for Shaq ( ITV)

A second wrote: “‘I didn’t have the opportunity to tell you about the kiss’ like she wasn’t sat having a breakfast date with him earlier on? loooool.”

“Tanya you could’ve told him about the kiss during the day,” a third added as another wrote: “Girl said she didn't have an opportunity but you legit spent the whole day with him.”

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