Love Island fans fume as producers force Sami to confront Casa girls on her birthday



Love Island fans were highly unimpressed over the fact Samie was forced to confront the Casa Amor girls on her birthday after Tom's 'cheating ways' were exposed after the explosive recoupling.

Viewers watched as Claudia, Samie, and Jessie, headed off to have some deep chats with Layla, Lydia, and Cynthia, after Tom, Will, and Casey all had their heads turned by them during Casa Amor week.

Although Samie was eager to get the gossip from the girls of what went down in the main villa while the girls were away from their other halves, viewers found it rather inappropriate that the brunette beauty was subjected to such hurtful revelations on her birthday.

Tom had attempted to make it up to her earlier in the day, by making Samie breakfast, but shortly afterwards, she discovered exactly what he had been saying to Lydia.

Samie was forced to confront the Casa girls
Samie was forced to confront the Casa girls ( DIGITAL/EROTEME.CO.UK)

During the chat, Lydia confessed that Tom had rarely mentioned his connection with Samie, and instead, insisted that he had his sights set on a future with the stunning Casa Amor bombshell.

Following the awkward chat, where several of the girls broke down in tears, fans flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts.

"Not Samie being forced to talk to Lydia on her birthday. That seems very unfair. Poor girl," one viewer tweeted.

"Oh noooooo! Poor Samie finding this all out on her birthday," another echoed.

Samie made it clear to Tom that he would have to work for her again ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

"Literally the worst birthday ever for Samie, LOL," someone else quipped, while another shared: "The producers are pure savage this year. Safe to say Samie will never forget this birthday."

Elsewhere, other fans shared their heartache for Jessie, who couldn't seem to stop breaking down in tears as she discovered what Farmer Will had been up to behind her back with Layla.

"If I was Jessie I would be the very same. HE WAS A NICE BOY. They always prove themselves to be just like every other man on earth," one viewer fumed.

The three girls went to meet Layla, Lydia, and Cynthia ( ITV)

"Will can never redeem himself after this. I'm sorry. She's way too good for him," someone else echoed.

It comes after Jessie confessed that she is in love with Will.

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