Love Island fans fuming over Will's outrageous comment after cheating on Jessie



Will Young confused Love Island viewers with his antics during Wednesday night's explosive episode - with some fuming at the villa's resident nice guy.

The TikTok famous farmer has been enjoying the delights of the Casa Amor challenge, as she shares a steamy smooch with one of the new bombshells despite being coupled up with Jessie Wynter.

With the girls away at Casa Amor, Will has been free to get to know the new batch of ladies sent into the main villa in South Africa to tempt the boys - with Layla Al-Momani catching his eye.

During Tuesday night's installment of the ITV2 show, Will and Layla locked lips on the terrace before Will quickly regretted the smooch and remembered his partner Jessie.

will and layla kissing
Will regrets his terrace snog with the Casa Amor bombshell ( ITV)

Admitting he had "f**ked up big time", Will went on to chat with Layla about their kiss on Wednesday night's show and tell the Casa Amor bombshell: "No trust me, I'm not a player! I'm a one girl type of guy to be fair."

Will's declaration didn't go down too well with viewers watching at home, who questioned how he could be a "one type girl" when he has been busy cheating on Jessie just days into the ultimate loyalty test.

"I don’t want to sound pessimistic but something tells me Will is NOT a one woman type of guy. Just a hunch #loveIsland," one fan of the show sarcastically mused on Twitter as the episode aired on Wednesday night.

Will on love island
Viewers didn't appreciate Will's comments ( ITV)

Another joked: "Will : I'm a one woman type a guy [laughing emoji] unless you not next to me .. so whoever is in front of him it's his girl."

"jessie deserves so much better WHY WILL WHY YOU F***ED IT ALL UP AHHH #loveisland," a third fumed after Will's cheeky Casa kiss.

Other viewers pointed out how Jessie has stayed loyal to Will so far during her time in the Casa Amor villa.

Jessie Wynter is missing Will Young amid Casa Amor
Jessie is missing Will amid Casa Amor ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

"Oh and btw Yes Jessie… is Naive of you to think that you can trust Will. Lmfao," one quipped on Twitter, as another added: "Ugh my heart is breaking for Jessie hearing her talk about how much she trusts Will. If he couples up with one of the Casa girl I'm done. It's already bad enough that he's kissed Layla #loveisland."

Elsewhere during the latest Love Island update, Will confessed he was feeling guilty about his terrace smooch with Layla and even admitted he feels like he's "falling in love" with Jessie.

The farmer told bombshell Layla how their kiss reminded him how much he cares for his partner Jessie but he's open still spending time with her as pals. - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress