Love Island fans puzzled as couple declare love for one another after just two weeks



Love Island fans have been left shocked after Tanya and Shaq said 'I love you' tonight.

The ITV2 show has been rocked by multiple couples splitting up, so fans were thrilled to see things going well between the two remaining couples Tanya and Shaq and Will and Jessie. However, things stepped up a gear for Tanya and Shaq tonight.

As the pair cuddled up on tonight's episode, Shaq said the three words to Tanya, who screamed in excitement and went all shy before saying it back. She later confirmed to her fellow Islanders she was "in love".

Fans, though, were left puzzled by the couple's admission to one another.

Tanya couldn't believe what Shaq had said
Tanya couldn't believe what Shaq had said ( ITV)

One wrote: "I FEEL SICK LMAOO #loveisland," as a second added: "I love you after 2 weeks?! I know Shaq and Tanya are playing."

"Tanya and shaq move so fast #loveisland," a third shared, with a fourth writing: "See this is what gets me… my brother you have known her for 2 weeks… what love are you talking about please?

"This ain’t love, this is very strong lust. Our generation get this mixed up all the timeeee. #loveisland."

The pair said their first I love you's tonight
The pair said their first I love you's tonight ( ITV)

A fifth penned: "YOU WHAT SHAQ?????????????????? WHAT????????????? After the 17th episode," as a sixth took to social media wrote on social media: "LOVE?????? JAW IS OPEN IN SHOCK #loveisland."

However, some were thrilled for Shaq and Tanya for finding each other on the show.

"Omg i love Shaq and Tanya #loveisland," one penned, whilst another added on social media: "aw shaq and tanya are just in their own little bubble but also it is too early for love idk #loveisland."

How long will it be until the couple make it official?
How long will it be until the couple make it official? ( ITV)

A third wrote: "Idc, I’m happy for Tanya and Shaq. Even if it’s rushed, they’re having a nice time and it’s sweet to watch #loveisland."

Shaq made a sweet confession to Tanya, telling her: "When I look into your eyes I see a whole future with you, I know that what we have is very special."

But will they be the first couple to become official and how long will it take until their romance steps up a level? - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress