Love Island fans stunned as Tanya makes bold move with Shaq amid Martin romance



Love Island fans were left stunned tonight as Tanya made a big move with Shaq - despite being in a couple with Martin.

Tanya shocked everyone when she decided to bring Martin back to the main villa with her after meeting him in Casa Amor. Shaq, meanwhile, chose to stay single and thus is vulnerable from being booted out of the villa.

Whilst Tanya said it wasn't over for her and Shaq, he insisted he was done but the pair have remained friends, whilst Martin said he felt like she wasn't really interested into him. He said he felt like a "stupid" boy and needed some guidance from her.

Tanya snuck downstairs to kiss Shaq
Tanya snuck downstairs to kiss Shaq ( ITV)

In tonight's episode, viewers were shown Tanya sneaking out of bed with Martin to "go to the bathroom"' before she headed downstairs and went to see Shaq, who was sleeping alone in the room downstairs.

She leant over him and woke him up, giving him a big hug before leaning in for a kiss, leaving viewers of the ITV2 show completely stunned and they couldn't believe the pair had kissed once more.

One viewer penned: "sorry but the way tanya is handing this situation ain’t it and shaq should know better #loveisland," whilst a second added: "Tanya always kissing Shaq when noone sees #loveisland."

Tanya was originally partnered with Shaq
Tanya was originally partnered with Shaq ( ITV)

"Tanya sneaking off to kiss Shaq then returning to Martin like nothing happened is," a third shared, as a fourth added: "I mean I’m not mad at it, we know they’re going to end back together but I doubt Tanya will tell Martin about going to kiss Shaq. Which is, oof."

A fourth person slammed Tanya for acting so "nonchalant" about it all.

"Tanya acting so nonchalant after kissing Shaq is killing me #loveisland," the viewer showed whilst another added: "Why did Tanya sneak off to kiss Shaq when she wasn't pulling him for a chat to apologise, get her out please #loveisland."

Tanya bought Martin back from Casa Amor
Tanya bought Martin back from Casa Amor ( REX/Shutterstock)

A seventh fan penned: "NO WAY DID TANYA GET UP AND KISS SHAQ AND THEN GET BACK IN BED WITH MARTIN??? #LoveIsland," whilst a eighth wrote on social media: "nah, the fact that tanya is back in bed with martin with the sunglasses on is finishing me. as if she wasn’t locking lips with shaq in the middle of the night like a thief? #loveisland."

She later confessed to Jessie about the kiss, as Tanya admitted she didn't have physical feelings towards Martin. "This place really does test you, but it does really work," she explained as she seemed to hint she'd be going back to Shaq. - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress