Love Island fans 'work out' Kai's plan as he flirts with Olivia after Samie rejection



Love Island fans have worked out Kai's game plan - as he made a quick switch to Olivia tonight.

The school teacher has set his sights on Olivia after things didn't quite work out with Samie, who seemed rather disappointed to be coupled up with him yesterday, and it now seems that he's moved onto Olivia. However, fans of the show are convinced they've worked out why Kai is suddenly interested in Olivia.

Some fans are convinced Kai is trying to keep himself in the competition as long as possible and has thus decided to do a 360 and go back with Olivia, who he initially rejected during the first coupling in favour of Anna-May Robey.

Kai suddenly expressed an interest in Olivia
Kai suddenly expressed an interest in Olivia ( ITV)

One wrote on Twitter : "Kai and Olivia is killing me sorry, it’s like when Maura woke up one day and decided she wanted Curtis, pure survival instincts #LoveIsland," as a second added: "I call BS! Kai has looked around and thought s**t, none of these girls like me & I f**ked it with Tanyel, I’m at risk, crack on with the girl who likes to be liked ASAP #LoveIsland." [sic]

"kai’s desperation to be relevant enough to stay on the villa should be studied by professionals #LoveIsland," a third shared, as a fourth added: "kai is DESPERATE because i have never seen him and olivia interact this much during the 18 episodes #loveisland." [sic]

The pair were seen flirting
The pair were seen flirting ( ITV)

A fifth penned: "Olivia just likes to be liked at this point. Kai is just using you to get through the next re-coupling #LoveIsland."

Kai revealed to Olivia during tonight's show that he was keen to get to know her better.

"No time like the present," Kai told his pal Ron before asking to speak to Olivia. He admitted to her: "For the past week I have been thinking I do want to get to know you more," as she agreed she felt the same.

The feelings look reciprocated
The feelings look reciprocated ( ITV)

Olivia then told him: "Not to blow your head up but you are more my type. But I think that’s obvious because I picked you on the first day," with Kai joking, "You’ll have to graft me a little bit though won’t you?”

"Oh, shut up," Olivia then told him and soon the pair were busy flirting and seemed key to get to know one another. - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress