Love Island fans worry couple have secretly gone home as they go 'missing'



Love Island fans are convinced one couple has secretly gone home after they went 'missing' during tonight's episode.

The ITV2 show aired another instalment of the programme, as the Islanders entered their sixth week in the South African villa. Following the fall out from Casa Amor, things seem to be mainly plain sailing for all the couples.

However, some fans were sure one couple had gone home secretly after noticing they barely featured in tonight's episode, despite their post-Casa Amor recoupling being one of the most dramatic of the series.

The couple seemed to go missing
The couple seemed to go missing ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Some viewers were convinced Claudia and Casey had secretly left as they barely featured in tonight's show.

One viewer penned: "Are Claudia Casey and Maxwell playing hide and seek this episode #loveIsland," whilst a second took to social media to share: "where is casey this fine evening #loveIsland."

"Have Casey and Claudia gone home or something? I haven't seen them ONCE??? #loveisland," a third wrote, whilst a fourth added: "I forgot that Casey and Claudia are still in the villa, camera time decreased #LoveIsland."

Casey and Claudia barely featured
Casey and Claudia barely featured ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

A sixth penned: "Casey really messed up by coupling with Claudia because last week he was literally the most popular guy, and now I completely forgot he’s even in the villa #loveisland."

It comes after Claudia's famous father Carl Fogarty watched Casey's Casa Amor antics on Love Island - and issued a warning to his daughter's partner.

Casey had immediately shown an interest in Claudia when she entered the villa, with the pair hitting it off and quickly deciding to couple up. On After Sun yesterday evening, the Fogarty family was filmed watching the dramatic Casa Amor recoupling, which saw Casey end up deciding to stick with Claudia rather than couple up with one of the new bombshells, Cynthia.

Some fans felt the couple had barely any screen time
Some fans felt the couple had barely any screen time ( REX/Shutterstock)

As they sat down to watch it, Carl could be heard saying "here we go" as the family all crowded around the TV. Casey's family admitted they were unsure what he might do whilst Claudia's mum said it must have been hard for Cynthia.

"Pick her, you know you want to," Carl said as he watched Casey make his decision. Carl kept a straight face as Claudia returned single, whilst her mum said he couldn't "mess around" anymore and he needed to stay loyal from now on. - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress