Love Island major editing blunder sees Tanya 'disappear' and Ellie 'walk backwards'



Love Island was hit with two major editing blunders within moments of one another.

The Islanders were spread around the South African villa following a dramatic recoupling, which saw Lana decide to go with Casey and ditch Ron, who had been hopeful he'd won her over. As the rivalry grew between the pair to win Lana's heart, it was announced that the men would be taking on today's challenge called Ladiators.

The boys were tasked with showing off their skills and impressing the girls they were interested in, all whilst dressed in Roman style costumes and picking up polystyrene rocks and carrying their girl to a throne.

Tanya chatted with Shaq and Jordan
Tanya chatted with Shaq and Jordan ( ITV)

However, fans were left distracted by the apparent editing blunders on tonight's show as Tanya seemed to disappear and Ellie was seen in one spot before 'reversing' to another one in the scene after.

Tanya was sat with Shaq and Jordan as they listened to what the challenge involved, with Casey reading out his text message from producers. He explained the men would go head to head with the others.

Elsewhere, Will was seen sitting down with Ellie whilst Jessie stood nearby as they all listened in.

Shaq vowed to impress in the Ladiators challenge
Shaq vowed to impress in the Ladiators challenge ( ITV)

Moments later though, as Shaq was shown in the Beach Hut discussing how ready he was for the challenge, the scene cut back to where Tanya, Shaq and Jordan had been - but Tanya had completely disappeared and nowhere in the shot.

As the shot jumped back to Ellie, Will and Jessie, the bombshell was seen sitting down, despite having already been shown standing up in a previous scene as Will showed off his moves for the rest of the group.

Meanwhile, things seem to be going from strength to strength for Tanya and Shaq.

Seconds later, Tanya had completely 'disappeared'
Seconds later, Tanya had completely 'disappeared' ( ITV)

Speaking about her re-coupling speech, Shaq told Tanya: "You said a lot of stuff that really touched my heart. Honestly, you touched my heart. Do you know what touched my heart the most out of the whole thing?

"You saying that you couldn’t do outside life without me. I’ve got a whole lot of love to give."

Tanya then told him: "I don’t think I can, you’re full of love and you care about me," as they talked the next steps. - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress