Love Island reveals full set of recouplings after 'wildest Casa Amor ever'



Love Island have revealed the full set of recouplings tonight - as one Islander made a shocking decision.

Casa Amor caused carnage for the couples, with most of them kissing one of the new bombshell arrivals. Will kissed Layla twice but later regretted his decision, whilst Tom and Casey seemed taken by new girls Lydia and Cynthia respectively.

There was also some interest sparked between Olivia and new guy Maxwell as well as Kai and Sanam, whilst Tanya seems stuck between Shaq and Martin, who she finally kissed in shock scenes that aired at the end of last night's episode.

Will and Jessie are back together
Will and Jessie are back together ( ITV STUDIOS)

Tonight, both villas received a text message to confirm the recoupling would take place.

The message to the girls at Casa Amor read: "Girls, tonight there will be a recoupling in which you must decide whether you want to remain coupled with your partner back in the Villa or recouple with one of the new boys #CasaNomore."

Whilst in the main villa, the boys were told: "Boys, tonight there will be a recoupling in which you must decide whether you want to remain coupled up with your girl who has been living in Casa Amor or recouple with one of the new girls #JudgementDay."

Olivia recoupled with Maxwell
Olivia recoupled with Maxwell ( ITV STUDIOS)

In scenes airing tonight, Maya then returned to the villa - as the Islanders gathered around the fire pit.

"Casa Amor is the ultimate relationship test, it’s a test of trust. Do you trust that your girl has stayed loyal to you or do you think she will have strayed? I’m going to ask you one by one whether you want to stick with your current partner or whether you want to recouple with one of these girls standing right in front of you," she told the boys before they made their decision.

"The girls at Casa Amor have also been given the choice of whether they want to stick with you or recouple with one of the new boys. It’s time to make your decisions and also find out what the girls have chosen to do."

Tanya recoupled with Martin
Tanya recoupled with Martin ( ITV STUDIOS)

As the recoupling took place, it was revealed who decided to stick with their partner and who recoupled with one another.

Casey was the first to pick and chose to recouple with Claudia, who had also chose to recouple with him. Will and Jessie also decided to stay together, despite his kissing fiasco whilst she was in Casa Amor. Ron and Lana chose to stay together, whilst the same could be said for Samie and Tom. Kai recoupled with Sanam before Olivia walked in with Maxwell, confirming her choice.

It was left for Shaq and Tanya to decide last, with Shaq choosing to stay loyal to Tanya. However, shocked faces flooded the villa as Tanya returned with Martin on her arm, confirming she had decided to 'twist'. - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress