Love Island tease Maya Jama's return as loyalties tested to breaking point



The return of Casa Amor on Love Island has caused carnage for the original couples - and now Maya Jama is back.

This evening, a string of Islanders cheated on the people they were coupled up with, whilst farmer Will had regrets about his kiss with Layla yesterday and wants to go back with Jessie. Olivia and Maxwell shared a sweet moment, whilst Kai - who is currently coupled up with Olivia - also chose to stray and kissed Sanam after some serious flirting.

Martin is still trying to tempt Tanya away from Shaq, whilst Casey is also keen on Cynthia. Claudia, Lana and Ron are just some of the few Islanders that have remained loyal to their partners for now.

Casey and Cynthia seem to have a mutual attraction
Casey and Cynthia seem to have a mutual attraction ( ITV)

During a chat, Kai told Sanam: "The girl I’m gravitating to the most in here is probably you. I enjoy speaking to you. I enjoy getting to know you a little bit," to which she replied: "I’ve been really enjoying it. I think the people I’ve spoken to the most are you and Casey. I think our conversations flow really well. I feel really comfortable. I can be myself. I don’t know if I’m nervous or if our chats are more boom, boom, boom. With Casey, it’s like what else do I say?"

Whilst Sanam and Casey kissed yesterday, now Kai and Sanam have shared a kiss - whilst Casey has moved on with Cynthia.

Jessie, meanwhile, was missing Will and vented her feelings to Lana as the pair planned to stay loyal to their partners.

Kai and Sanam have hit it off
Kai and Sanam have hit it off ( ITV)

Speaking of Frankie, she said: "It’s making me miss Will. Talking to him I just think my heart’s really closed off. Yesterday I was thinking a lot about what they’re doing in the Villa and I was starting to feel that jealousy feeling and being like ...

"It takes a lot for me to trust. But I feel like if what Will and I have is true he’d actually be sitting there feeling the same way.”

Casey, meanwhile, admitted he was into Cynthia as he told her before leaning in for a kiss: "I’m into you and your chat’s great, you’re a really good looking girl. I obviously think you’re gorgeous. The conversations we have, they flow and they make me smile and they make me happy. It’s going really well. I feel like Sanam got a little kiss yesterday…"

Tom and Lydia headed to the terrace tonight for some quiet time, before sharing a kiss.

Tom and Lydia shared a kiss
Tom and Lydia shared a kiss

"Down there everyone can hear what you’re saying," Tom said, before Lydia added: "The best things come when you least expect it. It feels nice. A good thing. Have I made life hard for you? I’d say I’m sorry but I’m not…"

Elsewhere, Will struggled with his thoughts about the kisses with Layla and set the record straight with her tonight as he admitted to his friends that he was "falling in love" with Jessie. As they sat and spoke, Will admitted he was distancing himself from Layla.

"I felt really guilty, and I cheated in a way. Moving forward, I don't want you to be singled off with me and I do care a lot about Jessie," he said, whilst Layla insisted she "understood" where his loyalties lied.

However, tomorrow night, the Islanders will be forced to decide where their loyalties sit - and a string of people will be booted out of the villa in the most savage dumping twist yet. - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress