Love Island tensions boil over as Shaq confronts Ron over his treatment of Lana



Love Island's Ron was confronted over his treatment of Lana on tonight's episode of the ITV2 show.

As two of the girls - Lana and Tanyel - headed off on a date with new bombshells Casey and Jordan, the boys were left discussing what just happened and how they felt about the girls heading on dates with other people. As the boys sat around the pool talking about the new arrivals, Ron was asked how he felt about Lana going on a date with someone else.

Whilst Ron said it was fine and it was what she should do, the conversation continued as Shaq quizzed him on whether he felt like he had done anything wrong during the past two weeks in regards to Lana.

Shaq confronted Ron about his behaviour
Shaq confronted Ron about his behaviour ( ITV)

As they discussed it, Shaq took aim at Ron and called him out for his treatment of Lana.

"I don't agree with how you treated her, what you said and what you do is completely different things," he said, as Ron then added: "Are you saying you think I should have just gone with Lana and not explored things with anyone else?"

Shaq replied: "You said that Lana is your number one priority, but you've treated her life a safety net."

"All of you might think I treat her like my safety net, bro I know she could drop me like that," Ron said before Shaq concluded: "No she won't because she isn't attracted to anyone else here."

Ron was less impressed with Shaq's comments
Ron was less impressed with Shaq's comments ( ITV)

Shaq then went on to insist Ron would have acted differently if Lana was interested in other guys when the pair were serious with one another, as the feud between them escalated.

Fans rushed to social media to praise Shaq for his speech, with one writing on Twitter : "Shaq might be the best man ever in love island, he’s not afraid to stick up for the girls which I like #loveisland." [sic]

A second added: "And all those boys can see it and agree with Shaq. He’s the only one with the balls to say it with his chest. #loveisland," as a third shared: "Shaq calling Ron out on his behaviour is an example to all men. Yeeeees man!!!"

Ron and Lana have gone through a difficult time as of late. The pair were coupled together from the get go but things have slowly fizzled out between the pair, with Ron determined he wanted to get to know the other bombshells that had entered the villa.

Ron and Lana were one of the first couples of the series
Ron and Lana were one of the first couples of the series ( ITV)

First, Zara invited him on a date and Ron seemed very interested in her. Following that, whilst Lana remained loyal and devoted to Ron, he also took an interest in Samie and called her for chats multiple times.

In last night's episode, Ron wanted to be honest with Lana, as he told her: "Samie pulled me for a chat, I do find the girl attractive, she is my type and she is a nice girl so I’m going to get to know her a little bit. I don’t want you to feel like you’re not my main priority, that does not change. If I close myself off completely I’ll never know whether or not you’re the best for me."

Lana looked away from him as he urged her to "talk to him" but she said she didn't see there was any point as he had seemed interested in others as she seemed to struggle with the comments he was making.

Later, the blonde was seen crying as she admitted she felt awful about what Ron was doing as her friends comforted her. - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress