Love Island viewers discover real reason why Ron stayed loyal amid Casa Amor drama



Love Island viewers believe they have figured out the 'real' reason Ron stayed loyal to Lana in Casa Amor.

The contestants got split into two villas as Casa Amor bombshells waltzed in to stir things up and make new connections.

While some, including farmer Will, wasted no time getting to know the new contestants, others opted to stay loyal to their partners.

Ron and Shaq have avoided the temptation of getting to know the new girls and slept outside on the day beds.

On Wednesday's episode of the ITV2 competition, Ron explained to Shaq he didn't want to sleep next to anybody that's not Lana.

Love Island
Ron and Shaq stayed on the day beds

However, some fans believe there's an underlying reason he decided to stay loyal and it's apparently because the bombshells aren't interested in him.

Viewers took to social media during the episode to share their theories.

One fan commented: "Ron you ain't sleeping in a bed cos no one likes you."

"Ron acting like he's staying loyal but I reckon none of the girls actually like him," another repeated the sentiment.

Another wrote: "The only reason Ron hasn't cracked on is bc none of the girls like him."

Ron Hall
Fans believe there's another reason he's staying loyal

"Is Ron staying loyal by choice or because no one actually likes him?? #loveisland," one suggested.

Before arriving in the villa, bombshell Layla had her sights set on Ron.

Asked who she wanted to couple up with, she said: "Ron! He’s cheeky and he’s like a lad. I really fancy Will, too. My type is Louis Theroux and he just gives that vibe. I also fancy Shaq, but he seems to be unavailable!"

Ron and Lana
Ron and Lana have been coupled up since day one ( ITV)

Meanwhile, viewers are convinced they've figured out which 'nine Islanders' will be leaving the South African villa.

It was recently reported that several Islanders are heading home soon after the carnage of Casa Amor, and now fans are convinced they know who might be for the chop.

One fan wrote: "My prediction: Casey and Kai are recoupling, the rest of the boys stays the same. Olivia and Tanya are recoupling, the rest stay the same. #LoveIsland," whilst another added: "Casey and Claudia will recouple, Sammie and Tom will stick, Tanya will recouple, Shaq won’t, Will and Jessie will stick, Liv and Kai will recouple, Lana and Ron will stick #loveisland."

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