Love Island's shock recoupling sparks chaos as only two solid couples remain



Love Island has teased a shock recoupling on the ITV2 show tonight - with only two couples remaining.

There have been a flurry of bombshell arrivals as of late, with Samie being the latest one to head into the villa. She has sparked a close bond with both Kai and Ron but newbies Ellie and Spencer have also caused some Islanders to turn their heads. Ellie has been enjoying secret kisses with Tom on the terrace, despite his apparent interest in Olivia.

However, a shock recoupling tonight has left the Islanders feeling tense as at least one risks heading out the South African villa.

A recoupling will air tomorrow night
A recoupling will air tomorrow night ( ITV)

Ellie read out a text, which said: "Tonight there will be a recoupling. The boys will pick which girl they want to recouple with. The girl not picked will be dumped from the Island immediately."

And with only two couples remaining solid - Will and Jessie and Tanya and Shaq - it remains to be seen what will happen tomorrow night. Zara and Tom are long over, with his romances with both Olivia and Ellie not looking hopeful either, whilst Lana and Ron have effectively called it quits and Kai admitted he doesn't see a future with Tanyel anymore, after accusing her of "shouting" at him as she fumed over his attraction to Samie.

On tonight's show, Jessie and Will headed to a wine cellar, shimmering with candles for their date, and there's clearly a connection between the pair. "You honestly make me so happy, no guy has ever made me feel like this," Jessie said.

Will then gushed: "That’s literally all I want to do, as long as you’re happy and you feel loved and beautiful, that’s all I want to do," as Jessie replied, "Thank you, because that’s how I do feel and I’ve never felt that way before."

Jessie and Will seem stronger than ever
Jessie and Will seem stronger than ever ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

The pair seem to be the strongest couple in the villa as Will told Jessie: "You’ve got every single trait that I would look for in a girlfriend. In the outside world I’ve probably been quite shut off, I think that’s why I haven't formed any relationships. I'm just terrified of getting my heart broken, however with you I definitely feel a lot more comfortable and it’s something that I do want to do."

Earlier in the episode there seemed to be trouble in paradise for Ron and Lana.

There's trouble ahead for Ron and Lana.
There's trouble ahead for Ron and Lana ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

"Samie pulled me for a chat, I do find the girl attractive, she is my type and she is a nice girl so I’m going to get to know her a little bit. I don’t want you to feel like you’re not my main priority, that does not change. If I close myself off completely I’ll never know whether or not you’re the best for me," Ron shared to Lana, who appeared fed up by Ron's head constantly turning.

Things also seem rocky between Tanyel and Kai after he expressed an interest in Samie - but who is going to couple up with who, and who's at risk of heading home from the South African villa? - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress