Love Island's Zara confirms how she knows Olivia after pre-villa friendship exposed



Love Island's Zara has confirmed how she knew Olivia before the show after eagle-eyed fans noticed their connection.

The Islander departed the show earlier this week, and whilst she was in the South African villa, things got off to a rough start with ring girl and actress Olivia. The pair were soon engaged in a huge feud after Olivia took issue with Zara branding her two-faced.

In a game of non-alcoholic beer pong, Zara was asked to kiss the cheek of who she thought was the most two-faced in the villa, before she headed over to Olivia and identified Zara as her choice.

Olivia and Zara fell out
Olivia and Zara fell out ( ITV)

Olivia was fuming by Zara's choice and soon a huge feud broke out between the pair as they went head to head with one another over Tom, who Zara had been coupled up with at the time.

Eagle-eyed fans were convinced something must have happened between the pair before they headed into the villa, as they rumbled they had been friends on social media for a while and regularly commented on one another's post.

Now Zara has confirmed just how she knows Olivia and had some parting words for her fellow Islander.

Zara departed the show earlier this week
Zara departed the show earlier this week ( ITV)

Speaking to Zara on After Sun, Maya brought up the clash between the pair and their friendship: "Let's talk about you and Olivia, it was a clash, a clash of the titans to be honest. Everyone was screaming at their TVs."

Zara then confirmed she did know Olivia before, as she revealed how they met.

"Definitely. I'm big on girl code so it wasn't nice having that clash with her at all. I knew her sort in a work setting outside, and we've always been good vibes. To go in and clash like that was not nice," she said.

The pair called a truce before Zara's exit
The pair called a truce before Zara's exit ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

"I was in for two days and it was all just crazy. I wish her all the best, she's a lovely girl."

Zara previously revealed she's closest with Tanya and Tanyel.

She said: "I got on with everybody, but definitely Tanya and Tanyel. They got me and really took the time to understand me. Shaq too, me and him got on like a house on fire! Everyone was lovely but those guys stood out for me." - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress