Love Island's Zara has 'built up anger' towards Tom and is 'sad' over split, says expert



Love Island beauty Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown has "built up anger" towards Tom Clare, a body expert is claimed.

Actress and model Zara, 25, and semi-professional footballer Tom, 23, appeared to hit it off when they first met in the villa following Zara's bombshell entrance.

However, as Tom made it clear he wanted to keep his options open and continue to get to know Olivia Hawkins, the pair decided to just be friends. Zara and Tom's short-lived romance initially ended amicably.

But, when Zara discovered Tom's secret kiss with bombshell Ellie Spence she was left furious and rushed to tell her frenemy Olivia, 27, what Tom had been up to.

After Olivia took the semi-professional football player aside to confront him, Zara decided to give Tom a dressing down in front of their fellow Islanders.

Tom was confronted by Zara in last night's episode
Tom was confronted by Zara in last night's episode ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

In an epic takedown which aired last night, Zara strutted over to Tom and said: "I was gonna pull you for a chat Tom but I'm just gonna do it in front of everybody.

"You've said enough, I'm not going to go away. So I feel like... Tom you're gonna have to hear it I don't care.

"You're a community penis, I feel like everything that's come out of your mouth is absolute s**t and I feel like you're playing a massive game.

"I actually hope your parents are proud of you because you're showing yourself your true colours. Bye darling, bye!"

Zara branded Tom a 'community penis' the epic takedown
Zara branded Tom a 'community penis' the epic takedown ( ITV)

Now, a body language expert has weighed in and revealed Zara's explosive words came from "sadness and disappointment".

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, body language expert Darren Stanton said: "Zara was clearly very argumentative, as she was operating from both emotions of sadness and disappointment.

"I believe she was holding a lot of internal feelings towards Tom, and the fact that it had come out that he had kissed someone else became the ignition to all of her built up anger."

However, the expert revealed it wasn't just Zara who was feeling anger as the model's comments on Tom's family appeared to have touched a nerve.

Tom's anger was obvious as he threw his jacket
Tom's anger was obvious as he threw his jacket ( ITV)

"The fact that she brought up his family clearly hurt and affected him," Darren said. "While Tom is normally quite placid and chilled out, it was apparent that the comment touched a nerve. The pair both flashed anger at several points throughout the discussion.

"This was displayed when their eyebrows came together and their mouth came down. This is a classic anger expression, which can last as quick as 1/5 of a second or even for a few minutes."

At the end of Zara's rant, Tom was seen storming off before taking his jacket off and throwing it on the floor in frustration.

Darren revealed: "There were lots of flash points and red flags during Zara and Tom’s interaction on last night’s episode. As Tom jumped up towards the end of the altercation, his immediate posture was one of anger and aggression.

"If you notice, he stood up and clenched his fists. In that moment, he displayed a lot of frustration, and clearly wanted a confrontation there and then. When people are angry, they tend to demonstrate what they really think. I think last night showed a very different side to the Tom that we have seen on the show so far."

Last night's drama in the show didn't end there as the following evening the Islanders were called to the fire pit for a recoupling. The boys are choosing – which means one girl will be sent home.

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