Masked Singer's Phoenix leaves ITV viewers divided between pop star and actor



Some The Masked Singer fans are sure they know the identity of Phoenix after an 'obvious' clue - but others are convinced it's someone else.

Phoenix took to the stage tonight to sing a brand new track as three celebrities joined the panel this weekend to help them guess who is behind each of the masks. It comes after comedienne and TV star Katherine Ryan's exit from the show last weekend, as she was revealed to be Pigeon, leaving the judges and viewers stunned.

As things turned to this week, it was clear that Phoenix was keen to make an impression as they wowed with their performance - but fans are now convinced they know who is behind the mask.

Who could Phoenix be?
Who could Phoenix be? ( ITV)

Clues for Phoenix have so far been quite difficult to work out. However, it seems like whoever they are, they are use to reinventing themselves and coming back from the 'dead'. This hints that they could have some sort of second go at their career.

There are multiple visual links to Game of Thrones, as the person said in their clue package that they are "all flame and fire my feathers ablaze, it may intrigue you to learn I’ve been a catchphrase". They also described themselves as "independent and magical".

For a clue and false segment, where they give one clue and say one lie, their two options were "it would have been sweet to converse with a person passed" and "time travel? I’ve completed it my good man".

Phoenix seen alongside host Joel Dommett
Phoenix seen alongside host Joel Dommett ( ITV)

If the second clue is the right one, some fans believe it could be someone who's played the Doctor in Doctor Who, whilst there was also a reference to "treading the boards", which could link towards a theatre connection.

Some other visual clues include two sticks of rock, drinking from a cup that looks like a mirror ball as well as a paintbrush and an easel. They said they had been on the "most watched TV show in 30 years", whilst there was also a hint at reality TV.

In one clue package, they used all these phrases hinting at some sort of link to Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor, Dancing On Ice and The Apprentice - all popular reality shows - as they said: "Strictly speaking," "let's factor that in", "on ice", "you could call me an apprentice". But what reality show could they have been on?

Phoenix hinted that they were a reality show staple
Phoenix hinted that they were a reality show staple ( ITV)

After tonight's performance, fans think they've cracked who the person behind the mask is.

Taking to Twitter, one fan suggested: "@MaskedSingerUK there were too many Tenth Doctor clues for Phoenix to not be David Tennant #MaskedSingerUK," whilst another added: "David Tennant - Phoenix. Didn’t he lose Rose in Dr Who? #MaskedSingerUK."

"Phoenix is Ricky Wilson - have said this from day one!! can’t deny that voice #MaskedSingerUK," a third wrote on social media, with a fourth adding: "Kaiser Chiefs... roses... definitely Ricky Wilson! #MaskedSingerUK." - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress