NCIS’ Jimmy Palmer star pays tribute to ‘most talented’ co-star after emotional episode



“Powerful writing from Brian Dietzen & Scott Williams, empowering direction from Diana Valentine, & the stellar experience of getting to act with #GaryCole. Loved this all so much. Thanks for having me. #NCIS,” he added.

Another NCIS fan, @AJKerbel concurred: “NCIS keeps getting even better with each passing episode and week. I really hope this show will be getting renewed for a 21st season. #NCIS.”

While @ScribeDeGryphon agreed: “It was a great, exciting episode! I really loved how all of the pieces fit together, and the way Parker’s anger threaded through all of it right up to the conclusion. Excellent writing! #NCIS.”

And Teresa Austene weighed in: “I was totally thrown by Parker’s dark side [shocked emoji]. Great episode #NCIS.”

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