Penn Badgley’s You co-star details ‘worst day’ on shoot for Joe Goldberg actor



You season four is back on Netflix soon and Penn Badgley’s character is on a path to redemption. After vowing not to kill again, he has turned his attention to catching Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers) in the act. Malcolm actor Stephen Hagan spoke exclusively to about one of Penn’s worst scenes.

The first five episodes of You season four saw Joe Goldberg start a new life in London.

Under the new alias of Jonathan Moore, a university professor, his main mission was to stay under the radar.

However, this all changed when he fell in love with his neighbour Kate (Charlotte Ritchie), who also has a dark past.

Kate was in a relationship with the insufferable Malcolm (Stephen Hagan) who wound up dead on Joe’s dining table.

Actor Stephen said his character’s death scene was a tough moment for Joe actor Penn.

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He said: “There’s a bit where they roll me in and Joe starts taking my shirt off which I was there for.

“But where they are chopping me up, I wasn’t there for that.

“But I was speaking to Penn and he said it was one of the most depressing days he has ever had on set.

“It was in this horrible warehouse that was really dusty he was getting covered in blood.

“He said it was one of the worst days of the whole shoot which I felt really bad for.”

However, they had to change their plans when they discovered the body would not move properly without a head.

Stephen explained: “They had a head in stock, they had stuck David Tennant’s head on my body.

“It’s amazing what they have done, it turned up on the day in a coffin and it was the strangest thing ever.

“They have spent a lot of money on it and then proceeded to chop it to pieces.”

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