Piers Morgan leaves Rishi floundering in probe over Meghan and Harry’s coronation invite



Sunak replied to the TalkTV host: “I had a feeling you might ask me that.

“You know I can’t talk about the Royal Family, but what I can say is one of the great privileges of this job is spending time with the monarch and also championing what is an amazing British institution all around the world.”

“It’s one of the proudest parts of my job is to go around the world and champion and celebrate British institutions like the Royal Family,” he continued.

“There’s an enormous amount of affection for the Royal Family everywhere I go around the world and they do an incredible job.”

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Elsewhere in the interview with Morgan, the Prime Minister was pressed on the principles of “Sunakism” and gender self-identification.

 “Well, as you said, I came in and it was a challenging situation,” Sunak said. “But I’m proud of what we’ve achieved. I’m proud.”

The politician was also grilled about becoming the Prime Minister after saying in 2020 he was not interested in the top job.

Sunak said: “Thanks for reminding me. Look, you’re right, there’s no point sugar-coating it, it’s not an easy situation and I do ask myself the same question on occasion.

“As I said before, for me it’s about duty. Actually, there’s a concept in Hinduism called dharma, which roughly translates into duty and that’s how I was raised.

“It was about doing the things that were expected of you and trying to do the right thing.

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