Vera backlash as fans plead ‘bring back Malcolm’ after new pathologist makes debut



Vera fans have pleaded for the ITV series to “bring back Malcolm” after the pathologist’s replacement made her debut on Sunday night. Malcolm Donahue (played by Paul Kaye) departed from the show last weekend, and viewers were quickly introduced to his replacement, Paula Bennett (Sarah Kameela Impey). However, fans were quick to share their thoughts about the new pathologist.

Paula was first introduced to Vera (played by Brenda Blethyn) when a body of a homeless man was found.

As DCI Stanhope went to inspect the body, she received a frosty greeting from the newcomer.

“You must be the new girl welcome aboard,” Vera said.

“And you are?” Paula quickly fired back. “No, don’t tell me, Vera Stanhope.”

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“No, love I am detective chief inspector Vera Stanhope,” the detective quipped back. “I am leading the investigation.”

The pathologist continued: “I have heard a lot about you.”

“Well you have the advantage of me, love,” Vera said as Aiden shook his head at the exchange.

“I have heard nothing about you. Now, what are we looking at? Beaten to death.”

Jehan tweeted: “So the new girl heard about DCI Vera Stanhope, but she obviously didn’t learn anything come back, Malcolm!” (sic)

“Missing Malcolm already #Vera,” Sue Pendrink said as Tracey Smith added: “Bring back Malcolm #Vera.”

While Michelle added: “#vera how long will it be before vera puts that new pathologist in her place.”

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