Vera's replacement confirmed as fans beg ITV for news series soon



Vera fans needing their detective fix after the popular ITV show reached its season finale need not worry, as there's another TV favourite on its way.

Endeavour will now air in Vera's Sunday 8pm slot, with armchair sleuths set for more Oxford mysteries for Endeavour Morse and DI Fred Thursday.

It comes after the dramatic ending to the 12th series of Vera, starring Brenda Blethyn as DCI Vera Stanhope and set in Newcastle Upon Tyne, after a two year hiatus.

The two hour episode on Sunday night saw the DCI caught in a storm and finding a baby abandoned in a car, with fans anxious for Vera after they spotted blood on her head, following gunfire.

Brenda Blethyn as Vera Stanhope and Kenny Doughty as Aiden Healy in ITV's Vera
Brenda Blethyn as Vera Stanhope and Kenny Doughty as Aiden Healy in ITV's Vera ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Fortunately the beloved character had just hit her head on a house she was looking around.

Followers of the TV show, which has been going for 12 years, are now hoping they don't have to wait a long time for the next instalment.

One wrote on Twitter : "Gutted that this is the last episode. Love this show. Sun nights won't be the same now. Another series soon please."

A fan replied to them: "Agree, love Vera, one of the best things on telly."

Endeavour will replace Vera in the ITV schedule
Endeavour will replace Vera in the ITV schedule ( ITV)

A third viewer said: "You had all better be back next year for series 13 (this is over too soon)."

Pride and Prejudice star Brenda has confirmed that they have already filmed another instalment of Vera, based on Ann Cleeves' novel The Rising Tide.

Earlier this year, the 76-year-old reflected on the filming process.

“When we finish filming, I always say, ‘I really don’t think I can do this anymore,’” she admitted. “Filming usually means six months away from home – and in 2022 it was the best part of 10 months.

"But then I have a rest, get my appetite back and change my mind.”

The actor lives in Kent, more than 300 miles away from where the drama is filmed, with husband Michael Mayhew and their cockapoo, Jack.

“My dog Jack can’t be with me in the north-east for all of that time,” she says. “He’s alright once I’ve been away a while filming, but if I come home for a few days in between, he goes mad – then my husband has a merry time of it when I go again, with the dog wondering where I am!”

Vera is set to return for more episodes ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

But after 13 years of the show, her Vera “family” is a big factor, too.

“The emotional feeling comes in – thinking of all of the other people who are still there, who do want to do more,” she said.

“And Ann Cleeves [the author of the Vera novels] is writing her 11th book, so that hasn’t been dealt with on screen yet. You feel you’d be letting her down. Things happen, circumstances change. Enthusiasm and opinions change. So, watch this space!”

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