You season 4 cast: What else has Rhys Montrose actor Ed Speleers been in?



Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) is leaving the comfort of the USA to start a new life in the UK, where he will make friends, rivals and develop another obsession. The Netflix psychological thriller is going to see the serial killer stalker once again take on another identity, this time as Professor Jonathan Moore. Among those, the professor will get to know is Rhys Montrose, portrayed by actor Ed Speleers.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from You.

Joe, also known as Jonathan, will get acquainted with author and aspiring politician Rhys Montrose who has an acclaimed memoir which is admired by students at the university.

Unlike the rest of the group, he grew up in poverty and it wasn’t until he came into money that he went to Oxford and met his friends.

He is described as “level-headed” when compared to the others, most likely because he wasn’t born rich.

Their friendships, however, have grown strained over the years due to their conflicting personalities.

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What else has You season 4 actor Ed Speleers been in?

New You season four star Rhys Montrose is portrayed by actor Ed Speleers.

The 34-year-old star has been in popular shows and films such as Echo Beach, Wolf Hall, For Love or Money and A Lonely Place to Die.

His career initially took off with his debut movie role as the titular character in the 2006 fantasy movie Eragon.

Six years later, he joined the cast of another period project which had a global fanbase.

After abducting Brianna McKenzie (Sophie Skelton), and attempting to sell her into slavery, Bonnet is found guilty of his crimes.

As a result, he is sentenced to death by drowning but knowing this is his greatest fear, Brianna locates where he has been taken.

When the water reaches his neck, Brianna shoots Bonnet in the head, both as a mercy kill and as a way of knowing for sure that he is dead.

Now, actor Speleers will be starring in the latest season of You on Netflix.

He isn’t the only new actor to be joining the popular drama either.

Speleers is going to be joined by Charlotte Ritchie, Stephan Hagan, Tilly Keeper, Adian Cheng and Ozioma Whenu in the new episodes.

The first half will come out this week and the second lot of episodes is going to be released on Thursday, March 9, on the streaming service.

You season four premieres on Thursday, February 9, on Netflix. – ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress