A Place In The Sun viewers cringe at low and 'cheeky' offer placed by couple



A Place In The Sun viewers hit out at the 'cheeky stunt' pulled by a couple who viewed a house that was on offer for a low price.

Presenter Lee Juggurnauth took couple Julie and Peter on a tour of their possible dream homes in the southwest of France.

The duo had a budget of £200,000 and were seeking out a two-bedroom detached home with traditional French features.

Lee showed off a few viable options but it was the final home that impressed the couple.

It was a three-bedroom property located in Degagnac, which used to be an old school building. The home was on sale for £185,000.

Although the home was already on sale for a low price, the couple decided to put in an offer for £150,000.

A Place In The Sun
The couple had a budget of £200,000 ( Channel 4)

Upon hearing their offer, the presenter asked: "That is significantly lower than the asking price, what's the reason for that?"

Julie explained: "We need to put in a shower room downstairs for the second bedroom, convert the annexe garage doors into proper windows and doors and we would like to put a swimming pool in."

Their low offer, despite being within their budget, was rejected.

Fans were confused by the pair and took to Twitter to complain about the couple's offer.

A Place In The Sun
They put in an offer of £150,000 at a place on sale for £185,000 ( Channel 4)

"WoW they were hard work!!! That was uncomfortable to watch…" one user groaned.

Another added: "Once again, a couple expecting the seller to pay for their renovation."

"£150k for a £185k property? That is quite the stunt to pull," one viewer commented.

It wasn't the first time A Place In The Sun had to work with a couple's small offer.

Recently, expert Jean Johansson faced an almighty task when she was asked to find the dream holiday home for a retired couple in Italy with a budget of £60,000.

A Place In The Sun
One couple on the show had a budget of £60,000 ( Channel 4)

Despite their small budget, the couple agreed they were "open-minded" about the property they would be able to afford.

"We are just wondering what you're going to come up with because our budget isn't a very big one," Linda said.

Jean replied: "I am glad you've brought that up, Linda. I mean I have to say, I've never worked with a budget of £60,000, so it's going to be a challenge for me."

The couple explained their hopes to spend half the year in southern Italy and were looking for a one-bedroom property with some outdoor space.

After finding a property they liked, which was on the market for £63,000, they initially put forward an offer of £57,000.

It was initially rejected but the couple came back with a counteroffer that was eventually accepted by the owner much to the couple's excitement.

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