Anthony Joshua leaves Susanna Reid speechless thanks to odd antics live on GMB



Susanna Reid was left scratching her head in confusion after Anthony Joshua started shadowboxing during their interview.

The 33-year-old appeared on Good Morning Britain to promote his comeback fight on Saturday night.

Anthony confused Susanna when he suddenly started shadowboxing halfway through the interview.

While on the video call, the boxer threw combinations while talking about a potential Battle of Britain with rival Tyson Fury while a shocked Susanna watched on.

She was lost for words for a few moments before continuing the conversation.

Before the random shadowboxing, Martin Lewis asked the star whether he wants to fight Tyson if he wins over the weekend.

Susanna Reid
Susanna looked shocked as he shadowboxed ( Good Morning Brittain)

"That would be an honour, honestly," he said.

"The WBC heavyweight champion of the world, to be able to compete for the title again in the summer.

"I would love that opportunity. If you're asking me, yes, I would take the opportunity for sure."

As the odd exchange aired, some viewers took to social media to offer their thoughts on the interview.

"Anthony Joshua: Shadowboxing at GMB, the latest of several strange incidents," one mused on Twitter.

He appeared on GMB to discuss his upcoming fight ( Good Morning Brittain)

On Saturday evening, Anthony is fighting against Jermaine Franklin at London's The O2.

AJ and his American counterpart haven't exchanged many threats in the lead-up to their big fight, but Jermaine recently promised to put Joshua "on his a**" when they step foot in the ring.

"I’m more ready, more in shape and ready to let the fireworks go,” he said.

"I’m going to get the win by any means possible but if I can put him on his a** that is what I’m going to do. After Saturday, I believe my hand gets raised at the end of the fight."

Anthony Joshua
AJ will fight Jermaine Franklin at the O2 Arena this weekend ( PA)

Anthony didn't properly respond to the threat but told his opponent that the more he speaks, the bigger his "grave" will be.

"It’s the worst time [to be fighting me],” Joshua said. “The more he talks, the bigger grave he digs for himself, but it is what it is.”

AJ said he has respect for his opponent, who is a massive underdog in the fight, but predicts his rival will be left bloodied up.

He added: “I could say a lot of things about him, but I respect my opponent. It’s not for me to talk, it’s for Eddie [Hearn, promoter] to do all the talking. It’s for me to do my job on Saturday and that’s really what I’m focused on. I think we’ll see blood.”

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