Antiques Road Trip expert gobsmacked by £20 item’s staggering profit



The pair were scouring low and high on every shelf possible to find the perfect treasures that will give them the most profit when at auction. In a recent episode, the Antiques Road Trip experts were excited as Irita dug deep into a 200-year-old regency ornament, whilst Mark made a staggering profit on some vintage London Bus signs.

Beginning the episode, Irita was way ahead of the game as her piggy bank held a whopping £570.80, whilst Mark trailed behind with his £114.78.

Looking around the many shops, Mark came across an interesting find which immediately caught his eye.

Picking up the signs, he explained: “I think I know what these are. I think these are off of a London Bus and these would have sat on the front inside a frame telling you where the bus was going.

“Inside there would have been a little handle where the driver would turn to change the destination.

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“So what have we got? Romford, Romford Station, we have got Cambridge Heath, we’ve got a bit of an East London theme.

“I can see these would be interesting to a lot of people and I am loving this East End vibe going on.

“Imagine cutting these up and then framing them all and displaying them on a wall and they are not that common either.

“There is quite a lot of them here though and I wonder whether I could do a bulk discount, a plan it hatched.”

Mark threw his hands over his face in shock and exclaimed: “What! I’ll take that!” as Lindsay continued: “160, 170, 180.”

Irita excitedly quipped: “God! Mark, this is amazing!” before the price of the signs climbed to £200.

“Oh my goodness!” Mark expressed before the auction came to an end and Lindsay confirmed: “220 here now.

“220 on commission, 240 clears me now, at £240 now. All the bids are online for these. Last chance… £240 sold.”

Irita clapped at Mark’s find and said: “That was amazing!” as he agreed: “A good buy I think.”

At the end of the day, Irita, unfortunately, lost out on money during the auction and had £438.28 in her piggy bank.

However, pulling himself back in the game with a profit of £220 on just one item, Mark finished on £420.62, catching up to Irita.

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