Antiques Roadshow guest ‘blown away’ at staggering value of textiles found in a skip



“From what you’ve told me and what you’ve described and what I know, I think this archive that you’ve brought to us here is worth the excess of £250,000.

“It needs to be calculated [but] it’s amazing and it’s amazing that you’ve brought it here to us today.”

Stunned, the guest quipped: “That’s blown me away. It’s just been an incredible journey of learning and knowledge, I’ve loved every minute.”

Thankful, Ronnie added: “I feel lucky. It’s great to have met you, it’s great for you to bring these things here to us today.”

Before leaving and taking his fortune with him, the guest told Ronnie: “You’ve made my day, honestly,” to which he laughed and agreed: “Well, you’ve made mine.”

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