BBC News presenter left red-faced as rugby report goes seriously wrong



BBC viewers were left scratching their heads after an embarrassing blunder saw a political image mistakenly shown instead of a rugby report.

During the Five O'Clock News, the presenter Jane Hill tried to switch to a report by Ben Croucher on Ireland's Six Nations game against England, but a still from an Donald Trump rally in America was instead shown.

After a few seconds, the cameras returned to the presenter who looked embarrassed and apologised to viewers. She said: "Goodness, I am so sorry," before stuttering: "That is er, absolutely not, er, the sort of story we don't want to be bringing you on a very big sporting weekend as it is.

"I do apologise. I really hope we will have more much more for you on the Six Nations later on."

And viewers were quick to flock to social media to call out the error.

The presenter looked stunned at the error
The presenter looked stunned at the error ( BBC)

Taking to Twitter one baffled user wrote: "Did bbc news just get hacked again?? make america great again blimey."

Another asked: "Did I imagine it or did the BBC flash up a 'Make America Great Again' slogan during the news #bbcnews."

And a third said Jane looked in "total shock" while a fourth joked it had been a "great week for #bbc" after the huge furore surrounding Gary Lineker and his temporary suspension from Match of the Day.

Earlier in the day, Jane had tweeted she would be bringing Six Nations news "of course" - not knowing the error that would come.

The news came just before the former England striker returned to the hotseat for the popular show as Manchester City took on Burnley in the FA Cup.

A 'Make America Great Again' still was shown instead of the rugby
A 'Make America Great Again' still was shown instead of the rugby ( BBC)

Straight away, his co-panellist Alan Shearer took the time to apologise to fans for any disruption caused due to their strike in solidarity for Gary last week.

The former Newcastle United legend said as the show began: "I just need to clear up and wanted to say how upset we were about all your audiences who missed out on last weekend.

"It was a really difficult situation for everyone concerned and through no fault of their own some really great people in TV and radio were put in an impossible situation that wasn't fair. So it's good to get back to some sort of normality and be talking about."

Gary admitted he echoed the sentiments before they swiftly moved on.

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