BBC slammed for defending Fiona Bruce over her domestic abuse comments on Question Time



Fiona Bruce 'was not expressing any personal opinion' during last night's instalment of Question Time, the BBC have claimed.

The BBC presenter was accused of trivialising violence against women as a guest on the panel show described Stanley Johnson as a 'wife beater'.

Bruce claimed reports Boris Johnson's father routinely subjected his former wife to violence were incorrect and his friends claim it "was a one off".

Following a huge backlash, the BBC have since issue a statement defending Bruce and claiming no impartiality rule were breached with the comment made live on air.

The statement reads: ""Following comments about an exchange referencing domestic abuse on Question Time, the BBC says Domestic abuse is abhorrent, and we would never wish to suggest otherwise.

Fiona Bruce
Viewers have called for Question Time presenter Fiona Bruce to be sacked ( BBC)

"When serious allegations are made on air against people or organisations, it is the job of BBC presenters to ensure that the context of those allegations – and any right of reply from the person or organisation – is given to the audience, and this is what Fiona Bruce was doing last night.

"She was not expressing any personal opinion about the situation."

The statement from the BBC follows the publicly-funded broadcaster's decision to take Match of the Day host Gary Lineker off air until an agreement can be reached about his use of social media.

Replying to the BBC's statement regarding Bruce on Twitter this evening, some TV viewers accused the organisation of double standards when it comes to which stars are able to share a personal opinion.

One tweeted: "Tone and wording are important - she didn't have to say "but it was only a one off" and she should apologise (While Gary Lineker definitely shouldn't!)"

Another added: "That isn't what happened, if that's what happened she would simply have said 'we should just make the audience aware that these are allegations and that Johnson has not been convicted of any crime'. She accepted it happened but played it down."

A third tweeted: "This is nonsense. Johnson’s wife told people he assaulted her multiple times and that other people were aware of this. #StandWithGaryLineker." - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress