Beyond Paradise bosses’ heartfelt tribute to ‘compelling’ Kris Marshall and Sally Bretton



Beyond Paradise has been airing on BBC One and the penultimate episode will see Martha Lloyd (played by Sally Bretton) making some difficult choices about her love life. In the latest episode, she opened up to Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) about not wanting to continue with IVF treatment. The show’s bosses spoke exclusively to and other press about the stars’ off-screen bond.

Humphrey and Martha have faced many trials and tribulations as they navigate their new life in Devon.

Martha opened up her new restaurant, achieving a lifelong dream, but there was a deep sadness holding her back.

After losing her baby, she decided to stop IVF treatment and was worried she had let Humphrey down.

However, Humphrey only wanted Martha to be happy and if that meant living life with just the two of them, he was prepared to do so.

Executive producers Tony Jordan and Tim Key spoke about Marshall and Bretton’s connection.

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Tim explained: “When we were watching Kris and Sally working together in Guadeloupe [for Death in Paradise] we could see they were just such a plausible, compelling couple.

“It felt really special what we were seeing and the thought of getting them back together again was really appealing too.

“And the opportunity this series to take the narrative to some more challenging and really heartfelt places, just watching the rushes of them playing those scenes together is really special.

“So we felt completely vindicated the minute the rushes started landing, they are so good together.”

“That’s why the choice was made, it was a ready-made story.

“It gave us a ready-made serial element for a show and it was perfect to do another version in another part of the universe.”

Marshall’s co-stars also recently paid tribute to him, calling him “gracious”. 

Actor Marshall opened up about the “thought-provoking series” and its appeal.

He said: “It’s a really unique show. I don’t think it’s a show that’s been done before in terms of the way we shoot.

“There are a lot of laughs and there is a lot of fun in the show, but I think it’s also very thought-provoking. We’re maintaining that sunny disposition.”

Actress Bretton detailed Humphrey and Martha’s relationship, adding: “I got asked a lot about what happened and whether they lived happily ever after.

“It’s lovely to watch, how their holiday romance has deepened into a relationship which is now more grown up and real.

“Hopefully people will enjoy coming on that journey with them.

“You don’t need to have seen Death in Paradise to enjoy Beyond Paradise because we’re starting with a new beginning for these characters.”

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