Blue Bloods promo confirms return of fan-favourite star as Danny to face old friend



Excitement levels for the 15th instalment of Blue Bloods’ 13th season have been sent sky-high thanks to a new promo. While the next episode of the CBS drama will likely deal with the fallout of Anthony’s (played by Steve Schirripa) decision to depart from Erin’s (Bridget Moynahan) DA campaign, it looks like Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) will have to contend with a familiar face from his past.

The latest promo to air at the end of Friday’s episode confirmed Waylon Gates (Lyle Lovett) would reenter the Reagans’ lives.

The trailer didn’t give away too much information about what lies ahead for Waylon or why he’s back but given his previous stints on the show, it’ll likely be to reunite with Danny.

Waylon, who first appeared in season 10 as a Texas Ranger, struggled to bond with Danny as he sought out the “Lone Star Killer” in the Big Apple.

However, the two did end up forming an unlikely and effective working relationship and even bonded over their history in the Marines.

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Elsewhere, @JEEPGRL732 tweeted: “Lyle is back on #BlueBloods!!….Well at least I’ll get to see 1 person in a cowboy on #BlueBloods next week #justsaying @DonnieWahlberg.”

And @tnormandeau22 tagged Wahlberg directly and commented: “Lyle Lovett returns?! See you next week! #BlueBloods,” followed by applause emojis.

While @jmfnkotb1 followed suit: “@DonnieWahlberg ooh next week is the one with Lyle! can’t wait #BlueBloods.”

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