Bradley Walsh’s son Barney lands new role in Casualty after The Larkins axing



“I’m so grateful to be bringing Jodie to life and I’m excited about what’s to come for her!”

Sarah Seggari stated: “It is an honour to play the first hijab-wearing Muslim nurse on Casualty.

“I cannot wait to show the viewers who Rida is, she is the strength and the mother in the group.

“She has no problem putting people in their place even if it might come across as a bit abrasive but will always stay loyal to her friends.

“At her core, she is a carer and wants to help, this is at the forefront every time she has a patient to work with, even if it sometimes isn’t to protocol. She has a fire behind her that I hope you enjoy!”

Eddie-Joe added: “Joining Casualty has been such a fantastic experience.

“Straight away I’ve felt like a part of the family, and coming in alongside JJ, Sarah, Anna, and Barney has made it all the more special. From Ryan, you can expect a lot of fun and banter with his fellow nurses, which he sometimes takes a bit too far…

“He’s self-assured to the point of cocky, and when this combines with his ambitious nature it can definitely place him in hot water. “Beneath the bravado, there’s a softer side to him though, and I like to think he’s often a little misunderstood!”

Casualty continues on Saturday at 9.25pm on BBC One. – ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress