Chesapeake Shores’ Brendan Penny still talks to ‘certain co-stars’ after leaving series



In 2022 viewers were forced to say an emotional goodbye to Chesapeake Shores after the Hallmark series came to an end. Following the finale, Kevin O’Brien star Brendan Penny spoke exclusively to and lifted the lid on his friendships with his former co-stars.

After making his first appearance in the romance drama as Kevin, Brendan quickly became a fan favourite for his portrayal of the troubled veteran.

The actor is also a familiar face on screens and can often be spotted starring in leading roles on the GREAT! Romance channel.

As well as Chesapeake Shores, Brendan had an extensive list of television credits, including A Dash of Love and the Vineyard movie series.

Fans can regularly see the star in these roles as they often return to screens on GREAT! Romance.

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Chesapeake Shores fans will remember the show came to a happy end for the entire O’Brien family, as they welcomed a new member.

During the finale, Kevin and his wife Sarah Mercer (Jessica Sipos) welcomed their firstborn son to the beloved family.

During an interview with, Brendan reflected on his time in the show and provided a friendship update.

He shared: “There’s certain cast members that I mean, you do six seasons of a TV show you become close and there are some absolutely amazing people.”

During the interview, Brendan also paid a touching tribute to his former co-star Jessica and praised the actress’ unique attributes.

He stated: “Jessica’s the greatest, if anyone gets an opportunity to meet her or work with her do it she’s the greatest.

“I adore her, we have a lot in common she’s married with two young kids and from day one, within two minutes of meeting each other, we were laughing.

“I was like, ‘okay, she’s cool this is gonna go well’, and then we just became great friends.”

Brenden continued: “We never had an argument, we never had a point on set where we had to discuss what the scene was about.

“It just flowed and we respected each other and I absolutely adore her.”

Although Chesapeake Shores may have come to an end, fans will be able to see more of Brendan on GREAT! Romance as Valentine in the Vineyard and A Dash of Love return to screens.

Unlike his role as an executive chef in A Dash of Romance, Brendan stars as Nate DeLuca in The Vineyard movie series.

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