Coronation Street exit as Daisy receives chilling warning ahead of wedding day



Coronation Street aired a chilling exit on Friday as Daisy Midgeley's mum Christina left Weatherfield but not before issuing a warning to her daughter.

Christina (Amy Robbins) invited Daisy's (Charlotte Jordan) old 'school friends' to her daughter's Hen Do despite the two girls bullying the bride-to-be when she was younger.

Throughout the night, Daisy felt increasingly uncomfortable as her former classmates mocked Weatherfield and by the end of the night, the barmaid decided enough was enough.

Christina insisted on sticking up for Daisy's former bullies over her daughter's friends and was left stunned when the bride-to-be announced she was no longer welcome at her wedding.

Daisy orders her mum to stay away from her wedding day
Daisy orders her mum to stay away from her wedding day

"I don't want you at the wedding," she told her mum who hit back with a cruel warning.

She said: "No woman in our family has ever had a happy wedding day and you are no different.

"You see, there's a family curse. It's true, the day was cursed from the beginning. The further away from it I am, the better."

Coronation Street fans will know Christina's words will, unfortunately, come true as Daisy's stalker Justin plans to throw acid on the bride on her wedding day.

Speaking out on the storyline, Charlotte said: "Daisy is just really tired at this point. She's trying to stop Justin from making her life miserable, but nothing seems to be working as the law's not really on her side,” she began. “I think it's good that this storyline has shown that. Hopefully, some changes can be made there, because it's really traumatic for women who go through this.

Daisy will be at the centre of a horrific acid attack storyline
Daisy will be at the centre of a horrific acid attack storyline

“To do something like that with acid, I don't know how you can possibly understand it or get to that point, because it's just so evil to try and take away someone's identity and someone's face like that,” she continued. “It's so heinous and I don't even know how you can really start to think about that being someone's intention for you.”

The Princess Royal recently visited the ITV soap set in honour of the storyline.

Head of ITV in the North/MD Continuing Drama, John Whiston added: “Working with ASTI on this storyline has been invaluable to all of us. HRH's patronage of the charity is clearly of huge importance to both Her Royal Highness and the charity, and it was an absolute honour to have them join us at Coronation Street today.

“The visit gave both cast and colleagues the chance to discuss how they have worked together to create and portray such a delicate and important storyline, an opportunity none of us will forget,” he added.

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