Coronation Street’s Craig Tinker’s relationship in trouble after heartbreaking confession



Over the past few months, Coronation Street viewers have seen Craig Tinker (played by Colson Smith) and Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) have their relationship tested after the policemen were unknowingly pushing her away following her early menopause diagnosis. Despite the couple seeming to be back on track, ITV viewers could see trouble on the horizon for the duo once again after Craig decides to reveal how he’s feeling to Faye.

Recently, Faye has made the decision to reconnect with her daughter Miley (Frankie-Jae Simmonds) after years of not being involved in her life.

Originally, Faye wanted to give the baby up for adoption, although Miley’s father Jackson (Joseph Evans) took off with his daughter to Canada to start a new life.

Despite a small run-in with them back in 2017, the child hasn’t had much to do with Faye until recently after Jackson and Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) decided to meet up so he could meet his granddaughter.

Since then, Faye’s chosen to get to know Miley as she asks her boyfriend Craig if he’d like to meet her daughter officially in scenes set to air next week.

However, it’s clear the child is enjoying herself after having no interest in baseball which results in Faye feeling bad for Craig.

When it’s time for Jackson to leave with Miley, Faye says goodbye to them.

Having time to think, Craig decides he’s going to come clean to his girlfriend about how he’s currently feeling.

After she returns, he confesses to Faye he feels jealous about Jackson’s return.

With the two parents sharing a bond, will Faye be drawn back to her old partner with Craig’s insecurity pushing her further towards Jackson? Or will she try her best to assure him there’s nothing to worry about?

It looks as though the duo are in for a tough time ahead as the two actors teased last year at the Inside Soap Awards.

Speaking to The Mirror, actress Ellie Leach commented: “We hope for the best don’t we, but I think no relationship comes without its challenges.

“I think it’s being able to portray real-life relationships that’s what’s good about it. Whether it’s going to be plain sailing, who knows?”

Elsewhere in the soap, viewers witnessed Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) become the victim of an acid attack by stalker Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still).

However, the vicious act was intended for Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) on the day of her wedding to Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

Although with the barmaid feeling guilty over Ryan’s injuries and her big day now tainted, it’s unclear what’s in store for Daisy and Dan’s relationship in the future.

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