Corrie fans 'rumble' Sarah Platt baby twist as scene 'confirms Damon affair'



Coronation Street fans believe Sarah Platt and Damon Hay are set for a baby twist, and that the two characters will have an affair.

The characters were seen getting cosy during Monday's episode, before she was stunned to find out his true identity.

The pair met in a hotel bar after Sarah had a row with her husband Adam Barlow, and soon the drinks were flowing.

Sarah invited Damon up to her hotel room to continue things, only to feel bad about Adam and for her to cool things with Damon.

Moments later the pair bumped into Adam at the hotel, and she learned he was the villain who has been tormenting her brother Nick Tilsley.

Nick was mortified to realise he owed Damon money last year, and Damon has since been forcing him to help with dodgy dealings - while this came to an abrupt end when Nick called the police on him.

Damon is still threatening Nick and causing havoc at The Bistro, so Sarah was horrified to learn he was the man she nearly cheated with.

Coronation Street spoilers reveal a tipsy Sarah Platt invites villain Damon Hay to her hotel room
Coronation Street's Sarah Platt got flirty with bad boy Damon Hay during Monday's episode ( ITV)

Knowing that Damon was wanting solicitor Adam to represent him too, Sarah panicked and met up with Damon in secret to tell him to stay away from her.

She wasn't exactly threatening him though, and instead the pair flirted once again and made it clear there was something between them.

Fans now think the scene gave away that the pair will have an affair, with some even believing it will lead to a pregnancy twist.

Amid Sarah telling Adam she doesn't want to have a child with him, viewers are guessing the fling will lead to her falling pregnant with Damon's baby.

One viewer tweeted: "so she’s gonna get pregnant by the brother of the guy who’s doing life for terrorising her brothers family and killing her brothers ex and who’s now dealing drugs from her brothers restaurant and the client of her husband! Are you keeping up?"

Another fan predicted: "I'm gonna throw out there the prediction of Sarah ending up pregnant by Damon but Adam doesn't suspect him and poor Michael ends up on the wrong end of some sort of violence and gets the blame."

A third viewer tweeted: "Nothing's gonna happen. Yeah right. I smell a future affair," as a fourth wrote: "How long till Sarah & Damon have an affair?"

Coronation Street spoilers may have identified who has their head turned by Damon Hay
The characters were seen getting cosy during Monday's episode ( ITV)

It comes after the news that Damon is set for a surprising romance this year, and that it will lead to huge scenes further down the line.

Speaking to The Mirror in December, boss Iain spilled: "He's a dangerous character. At first he might be seen as a more sophisticated operator than Harvey.

"What we discover in the not too distant future is that this polished veneer is masking something every bit as dangerous and as brutal as Harvey is.

"He upends a lot of people's lives and brings criminality to the door of a family that could probably do with moving on from their past, but suddenly, wham, they are right back in the mess again.

"There's loads of stuff to play with as he reconnects with other family members and their lives as well.

"As the year goes on, he's got this magnetic attraction for a notable high-profile female character on the show, who is going to have her head turned in a way that has very far-reaching consequences.

"I'm currently working on storylines for June and there's a build-up and then a colossal explosion in that story involving Damon and this love story that will be on air in June."

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and ITV X.

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