Corrie's Michelle Connor's absence explained amid Ryan acid attack horror



Coronation Street addressed Michelle Connor's absence from the ITV soap - amid her son Ryan's acid attack horror.

Ryan stepped in the way when evil Justin threw acid at Daisy Midgeley in harrowing scenes on the ITV soap, which aired on Monday evening. Fans were horrified as they watched Ryan struggling and in pain as Daisy held cold water over his burns.

However, fans of the show have been puzzled that Michelle Connor - played by Kym Marsh - hasn't made a return to the Cobbles to be with her son after what happened to him in the shock twist.

Ryan is struggling with his injuries
Ryan is struggling with his injuries ( ITV)

As Alya came to sit with Ryan in his hospital room, she said: "I'm sorry your mum can't be here," as Ryan said: "It's fine, don't want any visitors anyway, don't want people seeing my face," before turning away from her.

It was then revealed that Michelle wasn't able to join him in the UK because she was "having an operation," but fans quickly took to social media to fume over the chosen explanation as they wondered why Kym Marsh hadn't made her return.

" #corrie It really doesn't make sense Michelle not being there for Ryan. They could easily bring in a new actress to be Michelle - it has been done so many times in Corrie - Gail's Nick has gone through a metamorphosis countless times!" one wrote.

A second added: "Michelle could visit Ryan off screen. Viewers can use their imagination. A stand in used from behind if needed. But unable to visit her son after an acid attack. Nah, not Michelle #corrie #coronationstreet."

Michelle, here with Carla, hasn't come back amid her son's acid attack
Michelle, here with Carla, hasn't come back amid her son's acid attack

"Surely Michelle would’ve come back to see her son?! #corrie," a third shared, with a fourth adding: "The saddest thing about Ryan’s attack is that he has no family on the street at all We need Michelle! #Corrie."

Actor Ryan recently admitted that he thinks his character wouldn't have initially understood what happened.

"There are a few seconds where you wouldn't know what it was, it takes a couple of seconds for sulphuric acid to set into the facial tissue," he said, "He probably would have thought it was vodka or something in the moment. It is very difficult to anticipate this level of hate and violence, and we don't really like to look at these things for the fact that one person could do this to another."

*Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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