Daisy Jones and the Six cast ‘in tears’ when novel’s songs were brought to life



Daisy Jones and the Six was an instant bestseller upon its release in 2019, and fans have been waiting all this time to hear the band’s chart-topping singles and seminal album Aurora brought to life. Their wish has finally been granted by Prime Video’s new series starring Riley Keough and Sam Claflin, and the stars revealed just how emotional it was to hear the tracks for the very first time.

Claflin revealed he was “in tears” during a performance from his co-star Keough performing Daisy’s solo songs.

The Six’s iconic songs were first immortalised in the popular novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid, and readers have been desperate to find out what they would actually sound like.

Culminating in their epic album Aurora, popular artists like Jackson Browne, Marcus Mumford, and Phoebe Bridgers collaborated to bring the band’s sound to life.

At the show’s recent launch in London, the cast named a handful of their favourite tracks.

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“They’re all great for different reasons, I suppose is the right answer to say,” Claflin joked.

“But equally, Riley has her own album as a soloist in the first few episodes.

“I feel like there’s so much music that is so incredible that comes from her that I had never heard or had anything to do with.”

Throughout the series, Keough and Claflin’s characters Daisy and Billy Dunne try to put their differences aside to work on what would become the band’s acclaimed album.

Their relationship grows thornier as the years go by, but they eventually produce what is considered one of the most iconic rock ‘n’ roll albums in history in the world of the series, Aurora.

However, Claflin most fondly remembers the more simple songs Daisy writes by herself and performs solo in the first couple of episodes.

“There was a moment in shooting where she plays a song for me,” he recalled.

“And I was in tears going, ‘Oh my God, this is so beautiful!’”

While the series was confirmed to be in production shortly after the release of the novel, it has taken three years to come to screens thanks to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Production was shut down shortly into filming, meaning the cast had much longer than expected to get to grips with their instruments and perfect the band’s setlist.

Claflin’s co-star Camila Morrone, who portrays Billy’s wife Camila, revealed she didn’t get to hear any of the band’s music until filming actually started.

“They played the songs every day for two years,” she confirmed.

“But I didn’t get to hear. It was a treat for me. They rehearsed for so long, but I wasn’t around for the rehearsals.

“So I’m like the audience, and you guys will thoroughly enjoy it – as someone who has an objective [viewpoint].”

Not only can fans enjoy the music as the series progresses each week, but Aurora is also available to stream and can be bought physically on vinyl and CD.

Daisy Jones and the Six continues Fridays on Prime Video.

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