Daisy May Cooper breaks silence on sparking ‘upset’ with Sugababes cocaine remark



Daisy May Cooper made a faux pas at the BRIT Awards 2023, when she cracked a joke about revived pop group the Sugababes not doing cocaine in the toilets. The BAFTA-winning actress and writer was so horrified by how her quip was received that she severed her internet connection and spent all of the next day recovering in a darkened room.

The deeply embarrassed star had been onstage last month to present the Best Alternative Rock Award to The 1975 when the incident happened.

She’d blurted out: “God, we went into the toilets earlier and we saw the Sugababes – and they weren’t doing coke – they were lovely!”

However, the 36-year-old’s words went down like a lead balloon with some viewers, who didn’t spare her blushes.

She has now elaborated on the embarrassing mishap in a new interview with the Radio Times.

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“I thought I was being funny. I meant they weren’t doing cocaine because they’re not very rock ’n’ roll, but it came across as me saying they were doing it!” she exclaimed.

“I had the horrors the next day, lying in bed in a dark room. I had to turn off all the wi-fi in my house because if I saw anything, I’d have a panic.”

The TV star added: “I hate myself so much. I thought I was being funny, and I upset people.”

The incident seemingly proved equally embarrassing for the behind-the-scenes team, who viewers claimed had failed to bleep out the offending remarks in time.

One viewer chortled on Twitter: “Thoughts and prayers to the Audio Muted team failing to mute Daisy May Cooper talking about the Sugababes in the toilets!”

Elsewhere in the new interview, Daisy discussed growing up in poverty, which was the inspiration for This Country, the award-winning mockumentary she and her brother Charlie wrote together for the BBC.

She described relating to constant challenges “when you don’t have money and you’re just trying to get to the end of the day.

“It’s like playing a chess game in your head: ‘Right, if I buy tampons, that means I can’t afford the bus to the job interview. But to get the job means I could buy food.’

“You’re in a constant state of anxiety because you’ve always got people chasing you.”

Years on, of course, Daisy’s life is a million miles away from her grim beginnings, and she is now even said to be in talks about portraying the character M in the next James Bond movie.

Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times – out now.

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