EastEnders fans in tears as Whitney and Zack struggle through heartbreaking loss alone



EastEnders fans were left in tears tonight - as Whitney struggled with her loss and Zack made a big decision about their future.

The pair had to say goodbye to their baby in heartbreaking scenes on the BBC One soap last week and were given even more tragic news last night, as they were told there would be no birth certificate for their baby.

As they decided to make their return to the Square, the pair asked for any paperwork they could have before the nurse revealed that because the baby was born before a certain age it meant that they couldn't register it as a birth.

Zack only had Sharon to lean on
Zack only had Sharon to lean on ( BBC)

Horrified, Zack and Whitney returned home with just a little box for their memories, as Sonia and Chelsea rallied around her, whilst Zack struggled alone with just Sharon to support him. Both were clearly struggling.

During his chat with Sharon, Zack made a big decision about his future with Whitney - insisting he did want to be with her and for them to be a proper couple, whilst Whitney told her friends she feared she'd pushed him away.

After an evening with the girls, Whitney said: "I really do appreciate all this girls, I really do. There's no cure for it, is there?

Whitney's friends tried to support her the best they could
Whitney's friends tried to support her the best they could ( BBC)

"There's only one person who knew how it felt to hold her. I've got all these lovely messages, everyone showing they care, and only one mentions Zack - Sharon's. Right now, the only message I want is from him."

She added: "I'm not going to get it because I've pushed him away so much."

Fans were heartbroken to see the pair both struggling without one another - when they clearly felt just as strongly about each other.

All she wanted was Zack
All she wanted was Zack ( BBC)

"It's amazing how everyone is there for Whitney but yet Zac also lost his daughter too no one has bought him flowers and sympathy cards, doesn't seem fair the bloke always gets forgotten about. Men have hearts and feelings too," one wrote.

A second shared: "sharon being the only person to mention zack, really proves that the fathers are forgotten about, yes whitney is in more pain physically but zack also lost his daughter #eastenders."

*If you have been affected by this story, advice and support can be found at childbereavementuk.org or you can call them on 0800 02 888 40.

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